Por qué el 2017 se puede plantear complicado para el Comercio Internacional 1According to experts, the prospects for international trade for next year are not very hopeful. This can affect everything from simply sending a package to the issues import / export a large scale and the role of the customs agency and customs agent will be especially important.

If you think that next year you can have problems with sending a package, it is best to check with your customs agency or with your customs agent. However, in this article, we explain some reasons that cause these complications.



Transnational companies make the vast majority of international trade flows and if the United States, which is home to many of these large corporations, decides to take protectionist measures in foreign trade in goods, analysts agree that propitiate chain reactions.

In early May, the leading Japanese newspaper, Nikkei, issued a in an editorial that trade and the global economy will be affected if Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders win the US presidency and carry out their proposals related to trade international.

During the presidential primary campaign, Trump has repeatedly called for higher tariffs on goods from China and Mexico, which have significantly increased exports to the United States in recent years.

On the Democratic side, Sanders pointed to the free trade agreements as the culprit of low US wages and job insecurity. This has earned him fans among young voters.

Nikkei stated that if a country gets high import barriers, its partners would be likely to respond in the same way. The result of these exchanges, eye for eye, it is clear in history. In the 1930s, countries were quick to raise tariffs and form regional economic blocs, deepening the Great Depression.


Por qué el 2017 se puede plantear complicado para el Comercio Internacional 3


On the other hand, experts believe that 2017 will be a difficult time for the movement of containers worldwide year. According Federico Bracamontes, president of the Mexican Association of Shipping Agents (AMANAC): «We are seeing all that is dedicated to the movement of goods in containers is going down, and we see that this year will be difficult for the industry and the next also ; the market is increasingly depressing it, «he argued.

In an interview at the end of the inauguration of the new National Executive Council for the period 2016-2018 he headed the agency, estimated that will be the end of next year when you register an improvement in the movement.

Only in Mexico, according to the Monthly Statistical Report on movement of cargo ships and passenger of the General Coordination of Ports and Merchant Marine, the movement of containers from January to April this year recorded an increase of 0.6 percent compared to the same 2015 period.

He explained that the contraction in trade is mainly caused by the recession in Brazil and a little less for Argentina, whose low is less pronounced.


Por qué el 2017 se puede plantear complicado para el Comercio Internacional 2

This document mentions that Mexico experienced a growth of 8.0 percent in total container throughput in 2015, mainly due to the large increase in imports of about 13 percent.

By 2016, imports are expected to grow 8.0 percent driven industries of electronics and automotive, while exports remain low growth of about 1.0 percent.


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