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Usually receives little care the rigging of a ship as it practically do not need to do anything in the sticks for years. However, it is important to carry out a periodic review of its fundamental points to avoid accidental falls. Except in the most extreme conditions, the spars and rigging of a sailboat are designed to support any effort. And, in fact, when a ship unravels it is that some piece was in poor condition. Something that could have been avoided with a proper review. In fact, some insurers require replacing the fixed rigging every 10 years to be able to insure the boat at full risk. Let’s see what aspects we should take into account. Aspects to consider […]

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varadero barcelona

When we talk about nautical issues, we often refer to V de Bravado, our favorite boathouse in Barcelona (for us the boathouse par excellence). So we believe it is time to explain why we think it is such a good boat dock. In short, we will try to tell you why for us V de Bravado is the best Varadero in Barcelona. A young and modern boathouse in Barcelona V de Bravado is one of the most modern boathouses on the Mediterranean coast. Inaugurated in October 2016, since its conception and design every detail of the boathouse has been designed to meet the highest expectations of efficiency and achieve the highest degree of versatility and effectiveness possible for a nautical […]

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Con el Ansys Discovery Live se pueden probar diferentes interacciones de diseño con resultados instantáneos de forma interactiva.

Ansys Discovery Live arrives to revolutionize interactive design and product innovation in record time. This 3D instant simulation software is coupled to direct geometry modeling. This means that this Cad software allows you to manipulate the geometry using different types of materials and see real-time changes in performance. With Ansys Discovery Live you can try different design interactions with instant results interactively. In a matter of seconds, the structural analysis of a complex geometry is simplified and a vision of the structural performance of the design is received. Useful trends are more easily and quickly identified by being able to instantly change the characteristics of the results. Ansys Discovery Live also allows the creation of new geometry within the flow, […]

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In today’s article we are going to talk about the PLM consulting service of Integral PLM, a company with extensive experience in the field of industry 4.0. But for this, we will first delve a little into the concept of project management. What is PLM or project management PLM stands for Product Lifecycle Management, which in our country is known as project management. It is the process that manages the complete life cycle of a product from its conception, through its design and manufacture until its reuse or end of its useful life. This process is carried out through integrated software solutions, of the complete product life cycle. From the conception of the product with CAD (Computer Aided Design) solutions, […]

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Una de las principales rUn software de simulación es la reducción del costo total del ciclo de vida del producto.

One of the main reasons for using simulation software is the reduction of the total cost of the product life cycle. Performing simulations in real time means significant time savings in design and engineering as changes arise in the models. A PLM simulation software, acronym for Product Lifecycle Management, serves to manage the product life cycle in all its phases. These range from product ideation to service or disposal, naturally going through engineering and manufacturing design. Companies can get a great help from a PLM software to unify the product design with the planning of their manufacturing of parts, processes and assembly A PLM software also favors that the people involved in its management can create, organize and consolidate the […]

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