carpinteria y ebanisteria para barcos

In today’s article we are going to talk about carpentry and joinery for boats, the jobs that will leave our boat as new. To learn more about these tasks, we have consulted our friends of V de Bravado, the best boathouse in Barcelona and, precisely, one of the best boathouses in terms of carpentry and joinery service for boats. Wood, the basis of nautical carpentry Whether it is serial production or if we talk about personalized work, from the manufacture of a prototype to the restoration of a classic boat, the beauty and interest of carpentry and joinery for boats is found in the rich content of the work, variety, precision and, above all, in wood. Different types of wood […]

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PTC ThingWorx

A month ago we were talking in this blog about a new PTC ThingWorx course taught by Integral PLM. In the article we mentioned the advantages of this PTC platform for industrial innovation created to quickly provide IIoT applications and AR experiences that release the value of the convergence between physical and digital for companies. So you can see the relevance of this PTC platform, we are going to show you today a practical example implemented by the Integral PLM itself. This is Tequipo, a company that connects its vending machines with its operators through PTC ThingWorx to be able to manage them by remote control. Tequipo, an innovative company Tequipo is a Burgos company with implementation throughout the Peninsula […]

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Integral PLM presents a unique solution to solve, analyze and share engineering calculations: PTC Mathcad. A tool with an easy-to-use interface that allows mathematical notation of instant update, unit information and powerful calculation capabilities. With PTC Mathcad, cad design engineers and teams will be able to capture and communicate crucial design and engineering knowledge. Explaining PTC Mathcad What distinguishes PTC Mathcad from other tools is its ease of use. Actually, it is the first solution that allows users to solve and document engineering calculations simultaneously on a single reusable worksheet, which can be easily saved or converted to various formats. The intuitive interface of PTC Mathcad combines standard mathematical notation of instant update, text and graphics in a presentable format […]

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que es la osmosis en un barco

When we hear about osmosis, the world falls on us. Therefore, in today’s article, and with the help of V de Bravado, boathouse in Premia de Mar and for us the best boathouse in Catalonia, we are going to talk about what osmosis is in a boat, and when and what treatment should give to end it. It is actually a simple phenomenon of natural decomposition of the resin due to the absorption of water that causes the helmet to gradually lose its homogeneity and, over time, can cause it to lose its mechanical properties. Luckily, today it is easy to identify and solve on time. Let’s see what our friends from V de Bravado have told us. What is […]

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PTC Creo Elements / Direct: the revolutionary 3D CAD software

El PTC Creo, solución de software de diseño CAD, permite crear diseños únicos de forma ágil y sencilla, así como el cambio de propósito radical del diseño

When a company looks for a CAD sortware solution for its mechanical engineers and designers, which is easy and flexible, the PTC Creo is the answer. This leading direct modeling solution in the sector is a system integrated into a structure that fits the specific needs of the company. The PTC Creo, CAD design software solution, allows you to create unique designs quickly and easily, as well as changing the radical purpose of the design. Companies often incorporate 3D modeling into the product design process to overcome the increase in production pressures. These pressures range from the acceleration of new products to the market, to meet the more complex demands of new customers. With the PTC Creo it is already […]

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