Surely you already know Google Keyword Planner, Google’s “free” tool for doing a keyword study. It is a very useful resource to improve web positioning and is characterized by being free in most of its functions. Sadly, some of the cooler aspects of Google Keyword Planner, such as the specific search volume of keywords, Google removed from the free version. In order to access this information, it is necessary to have an active Google Ads campaign. And for that you have to pay. For this reason, the use of this tool has been falling into disuse among many SEO technicians. But the truth is that, with a few tricks, you can get a lot out of this powerful tool. Our […]

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Would you like to learn sound mastering at a professional level? Do you love music and would like to work as a sound technician? If so, a mastering course would be ideal for you. This training will give you the knowledge, techniques and skills needed to master a musical mix. Mastering is a specific training for those who are familiar with professional sound or production, which will allow you to learn the basics of DAWs and/or the recording and mixing studio. At the Microfusa music school, which provides both face-to-face and online music training, they explain what you need to know about the mastering course. This training can be applied immediately to personal and professional projects. Mastering: the course description […]

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maquetación web

Nowadays, web design is an important factor in capturing the attention of customers. In other words, web design & nbsp; it is essential to work a good user experience. This includes making a good product copy with intuitive and detailed tabs, accompanied by the corresponding multimedia material. The main objective of a good web layout is to attract potential clients to the web. A good web development and design must have a clear and organized presentation. A correct web layout must combine colors very well, using the most appropriate in each case and have a pleasant and pleasant content. On the other hand, it is also important that the web page loads quickly, is easy to use and adapts to […]

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programmatic marketing

Programmatic marketing is the technology that implements an automated set of rules for the audience and customers with personalized ads. This means that the user is impacted at a specific time and context by targeted advertising campaigns. These campaigns are carried out based on data obtained from the analysis of generic data on wider recipients. The selection of this data will be based on the similarities that can be exploited in the campaigns that we are interested in setting up.  Programmatic marketing offers the opportunity to analyze the behavior of visitors to a website, detecting their tastes and preferences.  This makes it possible to make personalized recommendations automatically, through SMS marketing, email marketing, social networks, web pages or the site […]

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web design

2020 has arrived, full of changes and news about web development and design. In this post we are going to discover the new tendencies in the world of the design and development web to adapt the pages to the new demands of the consumers. The big factor that has dominated web design trends in recent years has been the expansion of mobile traffic. The use of smartphones accounts for more than half of the Internet traffic. For this reason, web pages must be responsive, that is, they must be adapted to mobile devices. It is important that web pages have the following legal texts published and visible: legal notice, privacy policy and cookie policy. In this way, the website will […]

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