Advantages of Magento 2

That Magento is a leading application for the creation and management of online shops is nothing new: many companies have been benefiting from it for some years now. Magento 2 comes in its most recent and advanced version, which means another step forward.   In the agency dedicated to business web development Somos Sinapsis, they insist that you know the improvements that have made Magento 2 the benchmark for many ecommerce. The outstanding improvements of Magento 2 With the Magento 2 version, the caching system called Varnish brings more speed than in its previous version. It has also incorporated separate databases, as well as production and development environments. In this new Magento version, its new architecture allows customisation of the new […]

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Weekend music production courses

Is music your passion, to the point that you would like to prepare yourself with music production courses? Maybe you are interested in a course on mixing, ableton live, mastering, maschine… but you don’t have time during the week. Precisely for this reason, Microfusa music school, in its centre in Madrid, organises music production courses on weekends. Because the current pace of life means that many people do not have time to train and learn during the week, which is an obstacle to achieving their goal: music production. With these music production courses in Madrid, you can meet your daily commitments without renouncing to an excellent and direct training. They are designed following an innovative format of 2 days (weekends). […]

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agua mineral natural

Watercube is the first Sant Hilari mineral water supply system for coffee machines. This mineral water machine guarantees the aromatic excellence of coffee. The Watercube natural mineral water machine connects an 18.9-litre bottle to a professional coffee machine to make coffee with Natural Mineral Water. The first device for the hospitality industry that will make it possible for establishments to serve customers the best coffee on the market. With Watercube, establishments will offer consumers an espresso coffee with organoleptic properties (taste, aroma, body, acidity…) that will be of higher quality than the market average. Discover the Watercube mineral water machine in Sant Hilari. Why use Watercube in establishments Most of the coffee machines found in the various establishments are connected […]

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producción musical

Music production can be complicated if you don’t have the resources. Nowadays, there are several online music production courses for those who want to learn more about the subject. Music production is understood as the whole process from the first moment in which the music or any other audio-related work is planned, until the end in which the files are toned and the final song is obtained. To get a song, it is important to train and acquire knowledge in the different areas of music production. At Microsfua Escuela, they offer video courses with total freedom of timetables and without having to travel. Videocourses and online courses in music production Microfusa Escuela is offering the possibility of training at home, […]

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analítica web

Web analytics is the process of collecting, measuring and evaluating data used in the world of digital marketing to analyse the information collected regarding user behaviour on a website, in order to understand and optimise its use. Web analytics allows to analyse recurring trends and behaviours over time, compare the performance of SEM, SEO, Social Media, among others. In addition, web analytics makes it possible to evaluate the performance of the website and to know as accurately as possible the behaviour of users on it. In this way, online marketing professionals can make strategic decisions and propose performance improvements to ecommerce. Somos Sinapsis, a strategic consultancy and SEO agency in Barcelona, helping companies to develop their business using the Internet […]

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