Omniwallet, a new omni-channel loyalty tool

Some companies dedicated to the development of internet businesses have been researching for some time now an easy, economical and effective solution to increase omnichannel. With Omniwallet, the Somos Sinapsis agency has achieved this, taking a step forward in 360º loyalty.  This omnichannel solution achieves customer acquisition and loyalty, acting as a link between the physical and virtual worlds.  Until recently, this consisted in the development of an App, which in some cases is effective, but most of the time it has more disadvantages than benefits. Thus, Somos Sinapsis has created cards called Omniwallet, updating their data and connecting with other systems to become a bridging tool.  Onmiwallet and the use of mobile wallets By means of this simple technology […]

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tecnologia musical

In recent decades, the development of music technology has led to reconsider the process of creation and composition and the way musicians handle the whole process of music creation. For this reason, Microfusa School offers a wide variety of courses and degrees: music production courses in Madrid, sound courses in Madrid, DJ courses in Madrid and much more! Discover them on the Microfusa School website.  Each of these courses has a different schedule, budget and duration. Microfusa School offers online courses in Madrid and face-to-face courses in Madrid. Therefore, it is easy for students to meet classmates who share different knowledge and similar concerns with them.  Microfusa School Madrid: Courses and Music Businees in Madrid If you want to take […]

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zumos lambda sugar free

Lambda juices are made only with organic and sugar free fruits. The products used to create Lambda organic juices grow and ripen in healthy, clean, chemical-free soil using only natural fertilisers. This type of agriculture favours biological pest control without the use of pesticides and fungicides, and favours crop rotation, thus avoiding soil depletion. It is this origin that makes Lambda juices unique and biologically healthier. For consumers who appreciate and seek natural, healthy and pleasurable alternatives in their daily diet, Lambda sugar free juices provide you with a legally verified guarantee that allows you to enjoy pure juice without contaminating your body. History of Lambda juices The Lambda juice company was founded in the Canary Islands in 1996. Their […]

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Moog Theremins, the most mysterious sound

The Moog Theremin is considered to be the reinvention of one of the oldest known electronic musical instruments. Its design is a product of the experience of playing an instrument without actually playing it, with a powerful sound engine derived from Moog’s award-winning synthesiser, Animoog. The Moog Theremin represents sure success for anyone regardless of skill or physical ability. At the same time, it enables new ways of experimenting with music, education and gestural control. By being able to correct the pitch, each player adjusts the level of difficulty of the instrument, and by activating the Theremin he will play perfectly all the notes of a selected scale. For him, there are no mistakes. As the assisted pitch correction decreases, […]

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Train in music technology and sound in Barcelona

If you are looking to take sound courses in Barcelona, it may be partly due to the well-known charm of this modern city. Barcelona enjoys a wide cultural diversity, a multitude of activities, activities, architecture, festivals and open and welcoming people. But another reason to opt for sound courses in Barcelona is the Microfusa music school, a benchmark. This school, which has facilities in Barcelona and also in Madrid, another big city, welcomes students every year from different countries and cities around the world. Microfusa has authorised centres for music production courses in Barcelona, as well as for electronic music and many other sound courses, DJ courses, music composition, etc. Students who come to Barcelona for training will find a […]

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Learn how to create your own home studio

Learning electronic music production is the first step to creating your own home studio. There are a variety of courses that will allow you to produce electronic music and also other possibilities in the same field, where you will discover the link between electronics and acoustic recording in a recording studio. The first step is to find a prestigious music production school, such as the Microfusa school in Barcelona and Madrid. It also offers video courses, all of them taught by highly qualified teachers, which provide an answer to all your learning needs in this field. You can also become certified as a user or operator of Avid Protools, Ableton Live. Let’s take a look at some of the courses, […]

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