Avid pro tools

For most professional musicians, producers and sound engineers, Avid Pro Tools represents their work. Pro Tools is a digital audio workstation, better known as a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Avid Proo Tools is present in all major studios, such as Abbey Road or Skywalker Sound. Avid Proo Tools continues to improve and update Pro Tools every year, maintaining its leading position in the market. Avid Pro Tools is the most widely used DAW in the largest and most professional studios, but it is also an ideal choice for home studios because it has the easiest workflow to use.  For Mac users, Apple Logic Pro X may be a better option, but if you want to know the most used software, […]

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Numark, the soul of disco

For over 40 years, Numark has combined an understanding of the needs of DJs with the most advanced technologies. As a result, the company has created industry-leading products: dj controllers, mixing consoles, turntables, turntables, dj decks and more. Numark has never stopped innovating and making the most of engineering to meet the needs of both professional and amateur DJs. The brand was founded in Edison, New Jersey by Harry and Robert Kotovsky in 1971. At that time Numark quickly established itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the DJ industry during the Disco era. Numark is considered to be the largest manufacturer of DJ equipment in the world. In its early days, Numark mixers were the benchmark. Today, Numark […]

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agua barcelona

The natural mineral water from the Sant Hilari Spring was born in Montseny (Girona) at an altitude of 1,000 meters. It has a stable mineral composition and does not require any treatment. With Manantial de Sant Hilari, you will not only have water, but also health. Due to its biological and geological conditions, the quality and sanitary characteristics of the water are guaranteed, especially its high cellular hydration capacity. Saint Hilari offers a home water service, both for companies and individuals. They provide a convenient service and put at your disposal a water dispenser with a bottle of mineral water of 18.9 liters.  It is a home water service that goes according to the needs of each client, so that […]

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Online training in music technology and sound

The Microfusa school is already a reference for online sound courses, in addition to face-to-face courses. The school offers a wide variety of courses and qualifications, as well as a well-prepared, very experienced and eager to teach teaching staff. The students of the Microfusa school’s online sound courses can get a very high performance from the classes, which are oriented to stimulate their desire to learn. Microfusa is characterised by supporting the initiatives and projects of all the students, knowing that getting started in the world of music is not easy. When an opportunity for an internship, a collaboration or a job comes up, Microfusa does everything possible to make it happen. They do not guarantee the success of all […]

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