Importance of ERP integration in ecommerce development

integracion ERP

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an information system that integrates the internal operations of the company; such as production, logistics, distribution, human resources. ERP integration in an ecommerce automates all processes and operations. It also simplifies the work and collects all the company’s information on the same platform, which saves time and costs. In Somos Sinapsis, ecommerce agency in Barcelona, we are specialists in making integrations between ERP systems and eCommerce platforms such as Magento (1 and Magento 2) or Prestashop.  ERP integration in eCommerce Before performing any ERP integration, a few tips should be considered. First, they should make sure that the chosen ERP meets the needs and desires of the customer. After customizing the ERP purchased, the […]

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Discover the ins and outs of music business

If you are passionate about the music industry in general, to the point of wanting to dedicate yourself to it professionally, obtaining the Music Business professional certificate is of interest to you. Because, let’s not kid ourselves: making a living from music requires more than just talent. It can also be perfected and even expanded if it is backed up by good training. Like the Music Business certification, which allows you to analyse in detail the wide range of professionals, agents and work dynamics in the music industry. With this certified training, which you can take at the Microfusa music school in Madrid and Barcelona, you will learn how the most current music industry works. This is absolutely necessary to […]

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