This 2020 choose 3D printing courses

Impresión 3D

Learning to design and optimize designs for subsequent 3D printing is one of the main objectives of the professionals of the sector for this newly released 2020. And for this nothing better than taking a course like the Integral 3D Printing & HP Masterclass, a design guide for additive manufacturing in digital production.

It is a masterclass that, in addition to allowing 3D printing of designs, reveals the powerful HP Multi Jet Fusion technology applied to success stories. A great opportunity to know in depth the revolution in 3D printing, learning from the best experts and knowing the latest developments in technology.

Additive manufacturing in the new era of digital production is already possible. The Integral 3D Printing masterclass begins with an introduction to the world of additive manufacturing, which encompasses technology and history. Differences from other production processes, and software tools that help additive manufacturing, such as HP 3D printers, will be analyzed. Examples of optimization of parts for additive manufacturing will also be seen.

Everything you need to know about 3D printing

Integral 3D Printing, one of the specialized subdivisions of Integral Innovation Experts, are distributors of additive manufacturing systems from HP, Discovery 3D Printer and MakerBot. They provide solutions that help companies achieve and maintain competitive advantage, at the height of an increasingly intelligent and connected world.

On January 23 in the Basque Country and January 28 in Madrid respectively, Integral 3D Printing offers its first Integral Additive Manufacturing Masterclass. This course is a true design guide and tips for additive manufacturing, related to HP 3D printers, such as the HP Multi Jet Fusion.

Additive manufacturing is a booming production sector thanks to the precision, savings and speed that it entails for companies. Thanks to this technology, they currently manufacture an important diversity of components, especially in the aerospace industry and in the health sector. By using additive manufacturing in these areas, for example, customized prostheses can be achieved for each patient. 

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A rising trend called additive manufacturing

The enormous potential of this technique means that it is increasingly used in sectors of the textile, automotive, electronics, toys, furniture, jewelry and architecture industries. Depending on the needs of each sector, additive manufacturing is produced from different technologies.

  The masterclass organized by Integral Innovation Experts on January 23 and 28 respectively, is an opportunity to get into additive manufacturing and know its keys. From practical examples applied to HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, this masterclass teaches how to get the most out of additive manufacturing.

The time has come to reserve places, as they are limited, and it is also possible to register for free through the Integral Innovation Experts website.

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