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The revolution of 3D printing has reached companies. 3D printers are increasingly incorporating more features and applications, opening new paths to sectors such as transport or architecture. In fact, to be honest, many of these new projects would not be possible today without 3D printing.

In today’s article Integral PLM, he tells us about these new applications and in which business areas they show more utility.

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Prototype production

Until now, the creation of prototypes required corrections and adjustments, causing processes that take a long time. With 3D printing the development time and the cost of the parts are reduced. In addition, as our friends of Integral PLM tell us, it allows us to perform several tests at the same time and with the same model. In this way, the validation process is accelerated.

On the other hand, with 3D printers you can use materials with similar characteristics to the final product. Thus functional tests can be performed.

The advantages of 3D printing in these processes offer companies the option to transform ideas into reality more quickly with the possibility of testing and improving the final product.

Tools and production support parts

3D printers increases the efficiency of production equipment by providing the option to print specific tools for daily tasks. Thus, for example, these new tools can be used in assembly guides, machine calibration, template production or in optimal accessory storage.

Custom parts

One of the main keys of the revolution in 3D printing is the option of producing custom parts as well as their application to the production of spare parts. Although these parts usually have a very low production cost, it is an ideal solution to replace spare parts that have been suspended, discontinued or simply no longer exist in the market.

impresion 3d

3D printing of the final pieces

Many companies already use 3D printers as the only tool to produce some models of final parts. And is that the mechanical strength and reliability of parts made with 3D printing are comparable to the most traditional. In addition, the inclusion of increasingly efficient materials gives birth to the development of models with special characteristics.

If you want your business to adapt to the revolution in 3D printing, do not hesitate to contact the Integral PLM experts for advice.

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