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Gold boasts one of the most important safe havens there, a friend in times of political or monetary instability often keep their benefits. During these years of crisis investors have hidden behind this chemical element number 79, atomic mass 196,976 and symbol Au in the periodic table.

oro gold

Every time an event happens that causes instability in a country, the value of gold is increased. More recently, with the referendum in the UK and the following victory rtidarios Brexit supporters, the only winner of the day was the value of gold. He said metal bullion increased its value by 8.1%, resulting in its biggest rise since the start of the economic crisis in 2008. Due to the high volatility of the stock in this 2016 and the sharp decline of oil have caused its value to rise to 25%, its highest level in more than two years.

Recent investors join this gold rush are of Muslim origin. There is an Islamic law known as «sharia», which is a code of conduct in which all rules relating to modes of worship, the criteria of morality and life, things permitted and prohibited and rules include separating between good and evil. It is more a matter of conscience and moral indisputable that hosts the Koran. That is why buying gold in Muslim lands is a matter somewhat delicate. Actually you have no problem owning gold, but this product acquires a distinction «ribawi», ie, a commodity that can be exchanged with third parties provided they do not benefit a single person out in the transaction.

Many Muslims billionaires are opting for buying gold to the uncertainty of another great period of economic rescission, turning to erect as the largest safe haven there. As is expected to occur in the second half of the year, religion will look favorably on such transactions without any constraints, which is presumed as a potential gold rush in countries such as Qatar, Malaysia, Kuwait or the United Arab Emirates . Why these markets will become true hub of power and opulence.

As investors are becoming more atheists about the power of central banks and paper money loses beauty, the gold market seems to gain strength and attraction for these people looking in times of economic destabilization a redoubt which continue to increase their wealth.




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