If you would like to be able to automate your banking management while saving considerable time and effort, the Sage Banking Cloud is a solution. The need to manually punch in and collate bank statements for accounting can be reduced by up to 90% with the Sage Banking Cloud management module.

With this Sage 200 cloud solution, it is no longer necessary to wait for bank statements by email or letter, or to process them manually from the bank’s website. The Sage 200 takes care of automating the entire process, including reconciliation and accounting. All of this is done without the need for bank connection errors.

The Sage Banking Cloud is capable of connecting with more than 20 banks in Spain, and more than 10,000 banks worldwide, including the most important ones. In Process Control, Sage consulting experts in cloud solutions, explain in detail what the benefits of this management module are, which can be a before and after in the daily management of your company’s banking.


Main advantages of Sage Banking Cloud

1. You will be able to automate obtaining the financial information you are interested in. When you set up your bank accounts you will automatically access your statements. This way everything will be more simplified and you will avoid manual errors, being able to consult and classify the movements in different entries.

2. Posting and reconciliation are simplified. By automatically posting the movements received from the bank statements, you can activate processes to reconcile them with the associated invoices.

3. You can count on the security of the Sage Banking Cloud: with this management module, your accounts will always be safe, as only the data for consulting bank movements will be saved. Since no operations can be performed with this data, you will not have to worry about the security of your accounts.

The main functions of Sage

  • Manual reconciliation.
  • Automatic reconciliation: Reconciliation and Pre-Conciliation, Margin of days (date noted vs. date bank movement), Multi-criteria with priorities
  • Automatic creation of accounting guidelines
  • Accounting
  • Automations: automatic downloading and reconciliation

And all this with the ease of a click to download all the banking movements of the selected entities. If you want to give a twist to your business that saves time, avoids errors and increases your productivity, leave your banking management in the hands of the Sage Banking Cloud.

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