Achieving the professional Music Business certificate in Madrid is perhaps a dream for you, but one of those that can be fulfilled at Microfusa music school.

This Music Business course allows you to deeply analyse the wide range of professionals and work dynamics in the music industry. Knowing how the current industry works is essential for any initiative in this field to bear fruit. The professional certificate in Music Business in Madrid enables you to carry out everything from managing an artistic career to organising a live show. Also other tasks such as record label management and executive production.

With the certification of this course, in addition to studying these aspects, they are also put into practice with real-life cases. This is possible because at Microfusa, by taking this course you will be managing record releases on the school’s own platform, mF Records, and organising concerts and music festivals with its promoter mF Events.

The syllabus of the Music Business course in Madrid

With this course you will gain a formidable foundation of learning and practical experience that will make it easier for you to find work in the sector you love. The certificate is structured in three parts, each lasting one term. Classes are held two days a week and the training is complemented by access to various materials, exercises and projects proposed on the school’s virtual campus, which students can access.

Syllabus first trimester:

  • Rights management and intellectual property (1st term)
  • The recording industry
  • The publishing industry
  • Legal framework I and II
  • Collective management entities
  • Record management practices.

Second trimester:

  • The manager and the booking agency
  • The promoter
  • Legal framework III
  • Merchandising
  • Types of events
  • Event management tools
  • The contemporary live industry
  • Event management practices

Third trimester syllabus

  • The digital revolution
  • Digital distribution
  • Legal framework IV
  • Marketing
  • Streaming platforms
  • Communication agencies
  • Stages of artist development
  • Psychology in marketing
  • The audiovisual business
  • Censorship in music
  • Evolution of market control
  • Communication in the industry
  • Internships in event management

There are calls for this course in October 2021 and January 2022, as well as different modalities to take it. For more information or to book your place, you can do so through the Microfusa school website.

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