Aquaservice is a company dedicated to the marketing and distribution of bottled mineral water and soft drinks. 

In other words, Aquaservice is a service that offers a mineral water dispenser at home that allows the customer to enjoy hot and cold water, but is it really a profitable option?

Aquaservice: A mineral water company?

When Aquaservice appeared on the Spanish market, it was known as the company that provides a water balanced in mineral components, recommended for the preparation of baby food and ideal for cooking.

However, Aquaservice ended up self-labeling itself as a mineral water and soft drinks distribution company. 

The natural mineral water offered by Aquaservice is actually water that is purified by reverse osmosis and disinfected with ozone, which shows that it is not natural spring water because it cannot be treated and its composition cannot be changed. 


Is the quality of Aquaservice water better than tap water?

Aquaservice offers its customers bottled natural mineral water and a disepnsador, which seems very attractive for those people who live in areas where tap water has problems (taste, odor …). 

But, after several studies on the quality of water distributed by Aquaservice to its customers, the following conclusions have been drawn: 

  • There is no disinfectant that makes tap water hygienic and safe.
  • Aquaservice’s water undergoes several operations before being put on the market, which may increase the presence of microorganisms.
  • Aqua Service provides water with low mineralization but unbalanced: it contains almost no minerals and is very aggressive.

In conclusion, the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) stated that the water offered by the company Aquaservice to its customers does not provide any natural minerals that tap water does not have in most Spanish cities.

Tap water is cheaper

  • The price of tap water is approximately 0.0016 euros / liter.
  • bottled water is about 0.25 euros per liter.
  • Aquaservice is 0.411 Euro / liter.

In other words, Aquaservice boasts that its water costs less than 1 Euro per day, but according to the above mentioned data, it costs much more than that. In addition, you must add the cost of the water dispenser that is plugged into the current 24 hours a day.


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