Online training in music technology and sound

The Microfusa school is already a reference for online sound courses, in addition to face-to-face courses. The school offers a wide variety of courses and qualifications, as well as a well-prepared, very experienced and eager to teach teaching staff. The students of the Microfusa school’s online sound courses can get a very high performance from the classes, which are oriented to stimulate their desire to learn. Microfusa is characterised by supporting the initiatives and projects of all the students, knowing that getting started in the world of music is not easy. When an opportunity for an internship, a collaboration or a job comes up, Microfusa does everything possible to make it happen. They do not guarantee the success of all […]

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zumos lambda sugar free

Lambda juices are made only with organic and sugar free fruits. The products used to create Lambda organic juices grow and ripen in healthy, clean, chemical-free soil using only natural fertilisers. This type of agriculture favours biological pest control without the use of pesticides and fungicides, and favours crop rotation, thus avoiding soil depletion. It is this origin that makes Lambda juices unique and biologically healthier. For consumers who appreciate and seek natural, healthy and pleasurable alternatives in their daily diet, Lambda sugar free juices provide you with a legally verified guarantee that allows you to enjoy pure juice without contaminating your body. History of Lambda juices The Lambda juice company was founded in the Canary Islands in 1996. Their […]

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Learn how to create your own home studio

Learning electronic music production is the first step to creating your own home studio. There are a variety of courses that will allow you to produce electronic music and also other possibilities in the same field, where you will discover the link between electronics and acoustic recording in a recording studio. The first step is to find a prestigious music production school, such as the Microfusa school in Barcelona and Madrid. It also offers video courses, all of them taught by highly qualified teachers, which provide an answer to all your learning needs in this field. You can also become certified as a user or operator of Avid Protools, Ableton Live. Let’s take a look at some of the courses, […]

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In recent years, the rise of e-commerce and the increasing popularity of smartphones have made online shopping very popular. As a result, many companies have had to adapt to this new trend and hire the services of an ecommerce agency. According to recent research, more than half of Spaniards shop online at least twice a month. This new way of shopping allows consumers to purchase a product online anywhere and at any time of the day. In addition to being able to consult and obtain prior information about the product’s characteristics and other user opinions. In this sense, consumers are becoming more demanding, more informed and more engaged. Therefore, brands must adjust their strategies and value propositions to increase customer […]

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agua mineral natural

Watercube is the first Sant Hilari mineral water supply system for coffee machines. This mineral water machine guarantees the aromatic excellence of coffee. The Watercube natural mineral water machine connects an 18.9-litre bottle to a professional coffee machine to make coffee with Natural Mineral Water. The first device for the hospitality industry that will make it possible for establishments to serve customers the best coffee on the market. With Watercube, establishments will offer consumers an espresso coffee with organoleptic properties (taste, aroma, body, acidity…) that will be of higher quality than the market average. Discover the Watercube mineral water machine in Sant Hilari. Why use Watercube in establishments Most of the coffee machines found in the various establishments are connected […]

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analítica web

Web analytics is the process of collecting, measuring and evaluating data used in the world of digital marketing to analyse the information collected regarding user behaviour on a website, in order to understand and optimise its use. Web analytics allows to analyse recurring trends and behaviours over time, compare the performance of SEM, SEO, Social Media, among others. In addition, web analytics makes it possible to evaluate the performance of the website and to know as accurately as possible the behaviour of users on it. In this way, online marketing professionals can make strategic decisions and propose performance improvements to ecommerce. Somos Sinapsis, a strategic consultancy and SEO agency in Barcelona, helping companies to develop their business using the Internet […]

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v de bravado varadero de Catalunya

In all these subjects on the care of the boats and nautical in general, we usually have the advice of V de Bravado, a dry dock in Premia de Mar that we consider the best dry dock in Catalonia and experts in all these subjects. And today, precisely we are going to talk about how to choose the best dry dock for your boat. So again we went to V de Bravado, connoisseurs of each dry dock in Catalonia, its characteristics and circumstances, to explain what we have to value when choosing the dry dock that is best for us when we want to maintain our ship. Characteristics to consider when choosing a dry dock Usually, when choosing dry dock, […]

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PTC Creo Simulate is a vibrational, thermal and structural analysis solution with a complete set of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) capabilities that allow you to analyze and validate the performance of your 3D virtual prototypes before moving into development. PTC Creo Simulate has been specifically designed so that any engineer can do a basic simulation. How PTC Creo Simulate works Start by modeling your design in Creo Parametric, click a single tab in the user interface, and then apply loads, materials, and boundary conditions to design geometry in PTC Creo Simulate. It is easy. Even better, you can see the results quickly. If necessary, adjust the model to produce higher quality designs faster. This comprehensive set of capabilities allows you […]

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carpinteria y ebanisteria para barcos

In today’s article we are going to talk about carpentry and joinery for boats, the jobs that will leave our boat as new. To learn more about these tasks, we have consulted our friends of V de Bravado, the best boathouse in Barcelona and, precisely, one of the best boathouses in terms of carpentry and joinery service for boats. Wood, the basis of nautical carpentry Whether it is serial production or if we talk about personalized work, from the manufacture of a prototype to the restoration of a classic boat, the beauty and interest of carpentry and joinery for boats is found in the rich content of the work, variety, precision and, above all, in wood. Different types of wood […]

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PTC ThingWorx

A month ago we were talking in this blog about a new PTC ThingWorx course taught by Integral PLM. In the article we mentioned the advantages of this PTC platform for industrial innovation created to quickly provide IIoT applications and AR experiences that release the value of the convergence between physical and digital for companies. So you can see the relevance of this PTC platform, we are going to show you today a practical example implemented by the Integral PLM itself. This is Tequipo, a company that connects its vending machines with its operators through PTC ThingWorx to be able to manage them by remote control. Tequipo, an innovative company Tequipo is a Burgos company with implementation throughout the Peninsula […]

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