diseño web

Web design is a sector which is in constant evolution and transformation, so it is of vital importance to be aware of new trends in web design and development. Every year new ways of presenting a web page arise to capture the attention of the target audience and to improve the organic positioning (SEO).  The advances in web development and design originate from the needs and desires of clients and interns, as well as taking into account current trends. In Somos Sinapsis, web design agency Barcelona, are responsible for studying each case to define, design and implement the design and development of the website for companies and brands.  New trends in web design Nowadays, for a company, whatever its sector, […]

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If you would like to be able to automate your banking management while saving considerable time and effort, the Sage Banking Cloud is a solution. The need to manually punch in and collate bank statements for accounting can be reduced by up to 90% with the Sage Banking Cloud management module. With this Sage 200 cloud solution, it is no longer necessary to wait for bank statements by email or letter, or to process them manually from the bank’s website. The Sage 200 takes care of automating the entire process, including reconciliation and accounting. All of this is done without the need for bank connection errors. The Sage Banking Cloud is capable of connecting with more than 20 banks in […]

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The term is on the lips of many, but there are still those who have some doubts about what an e-commerce consulting is and what its functions are. What is clear is that online sales only work if applied from professional knowledge, applying the necessary techniques and tools to make it truly effective. And this is the exclusive task of an e-commerce consultancy, which helps businesses or companies to redefine their strategies, adapting them to specific circumstances. For this, it is necessary to start from a detailed analysis of the business and its competition, to assess the possibilities of online sales. There are many factors that intervene in the strategy to be drawn, such as positioning, bandring, sales channels, etc. […]

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transformacion digital y covid-19

The consulting firm IDC Research Spain has carried out a study that analyzes the impact of Covid-19 on the digital transformation of the company. This is a study carried out with the aim of addressing the different intensity with which the pandemic is affecting the market in the digital transformation sector, interviewing 130 CEOs and IT decision-makers. IDC Research Spain has structured its report in four main areas: COVID-19 impact on business and billing processes COVID-19 Impact on IT Spending Remote work management Changes in the organization’s digital culture In addition, particular emphasis has been placed on the revenue perspective for 2020, the effects on IT spending, the management and use of Smart Work policies and the change in the […]

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impresion 3d

The revolution of 3D printing has reached companies. 3D printers are increasingly incorporating more features and applications, opening new paths to sectors such as transport or architecture. In fact, to be honest, many of these new projects would not be possible today without 3D printing. In today’s article Integral PLM, he tells us about these new applications and in which business areas they show more utility. Prototype production Until now, the creation of prototypes required corrections and adjustments, causing processes that take a long time. With 3D printing the development time and the cost of the parts are reduced. In addition, as our friends of Integral PLM tell us, it allows us to perform several tests at the same time […]

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PTC Creo Elements / Direct: the revolutionary 3D CAD software

El PTC Creo, solución de software de diseño CAD, permite crear diseños únicos de forma ágil y sencilla, así como el cambio de propósito radical del diseño

When a company looks for a CAD sortware solution for its mechanical engineers and designers, which is easy and flexible, the PTC Creo is the answer. This leading direct modeling solution in the sector is a system integrated into a structure that fits the specific needs of the company. The PTC Creo, CAD design software solution, allows you to create unique designs quickly and easily, as well as changing the radical purpose of the design. Companies often incorporate 3D modeling into the product design process to overcome the increase in production pressures. These pressures range from the acceleration of new products to the market, to meet the more complex demands of new customers. With the PTC Creo it is already […]

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Con el Ansys Discovery Live se pueden probar diferentes interacciones de diseño con resultados instantáneos de forma interactiva.

Ansys Discovery Live arrives to revolutionize interactive design and product innovation in record time. This 3D instant simulation software is coupled to direct geometry modeling. This means that this Cad software allows you to manipulate the geometry using different types of materials and see real-time changes in performance. With Ansys Discovery Live you can try different design interactions with instant results interactively. In a matter of seconds, the structural analysis of a complex geometry is simplified and a vision of the structural performance of the design is received. Useful trends are more easily and quickly identified by being able to instantly change the characteristics of the results. Ansys Discovery Live also allows the creation of new geometry within the flow, […]

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In today’s article we are going to talk about the PLM consulting service of Integral PLM, a company with extensive experience in the field of industry 4.0. But for this, we will first delve a little into the concept of project management. What is PLM or project management PLM stands for Product Lifecycle Management, which in our country is known as project management. It is the process that manages the complete life cycle of a product from its conception, through its design and manufacture until its reuse or end of its useful life. This process is carried out through integrated software solutions, of the complete product life cycle. From the conception of the product with CAD (Computer Aided Design) solutions, […]

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