For B2B it refers to the exchange of products, services or information between companies and not between businesses and consumers, which is known as B2C, although demand in the B2B marketing depends directly on that exists in the B2C.

But we must say that, unlike trade with consumers, it is difficult access to customers. Imagine you have a company that sells x product and want to advertise to reach your target audience. Start with advertising on social networks, so you create a campaign, you segment with people who like the product. At the end you add a budget and you have your campaign running and coming directly to people interested in it.

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Some other methods very effectively choosing as email marketing also work very well and require less budget and effort.

There are many examples of successful B2B marketing that exemplify the above, as Toshiba and Toshiba 2014 Impact.En shipping are a database stores an email with the best actions by 25 large retailers in the market. They added an infographic a checklist, an eBook and different examples and guías.Consiguieron 19,000 openings that email, over 1,100 leads and 309 clicks. «Only» with an email that made the most of the power of content marketing. On the other hand, Impact is an American marketing agency inbound sells its services primarily to companies and marketing directors of these, similar to Cycle Inbound own way. To attract these companies, they decided to create a generator of ideas for posts on its website and distribute it to hundreds of companies that knew they were interested in inbound marketing.

In this way, they managed to position and create a tool that caught the attention of all your target audience, which as I said is very difficult in the B2B marketing sector due to the difficulty to access and meet new customers.

Therefore, we can say that the B2B market should benefit directly from eCommerce, as for the business sector is essential to adapt to new market demands. One of these changes lies in the way in which companies are acquiring and retaining customers, especially in the field of B2B eCommerce. although, as we said earlier, it is more difficult to get customers B2C, US only income earned in this area were more than double those obtained in B2C (Business to Consumer), which reaches 560,000 million in annual sales in the B2B market.

In addition, as shown by the market trend, B2B players to remain reluctant to adapt to the online and mobile systems are at risk of losing market share in the medium and short term, because they lose competitive advantage.

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