Basic orthodontics: niti bows, stripping and brackets

Braces in orthodontic treatment

Orthodontics is a treatment to correct malocclusions in young or adult dentition, after growth. It plays a very important role from which other dental specialties may benefit from necessity or to complement other treatments.

The demand for orthodontic treatment has increased greatly in recent years. It is increasingly common to see people of all ages with brackets without the slightest objection. This boom has meant improvements in the dental material for orthodontics, which in addition to the well-known brackets consists of more elements.

Numerous and varied materials and devices are being marketed to facilitate the best possible treatment. Now you can find ceramic, aluminum or sapphire brackets, removable splints, micro screws, Niti arches of different alloys, Magic Strip …

In step forward that has given dentistry in part is motivated by the increase in patient confidence. The treatments are more effective and much more frequent, so “dentist panic” is a thing of the past.

Brackets and other major orthodontic materials

The brackets are defined as mechanical appliances with a square shape and with information that is placed on the prepared dental surface. In this way the necessary dental movements can be made, using other attachments. The latter cover dental material such as Nitinol bows and the Stripping that includes several instruments for calibrated professional application.

The most commonly used brackets are metal, a metal alloy with or without nickel. Ceramic brackets are also called “aesthetics,” made of polycarbonate or fiberglass.

There are also self-ligating brackets that do not need ligatures to contain the arc: it is the barcket itself who performs the function. And the so-called lingual brackets when looking to favor aesthetics, placed in the lingual part of the teeth.

All the range of dental material necessary for orthodontic treatment is found in dental deposits such as Dental Good Deal. The highly competitive prices of Dental Good are not at odds with either the quality or the variety of materials. This is the main characteristic that differentiates them from other dental deposits.

Stripping procedures: a basic in orthodontics

One of the most commonly used techniques in orthodontics is dental stripping. It is based on the reduction of certain teeth to separate them and gain space between them. When this technique is most used it is in the cases of patients with a crowding problem.

Stripping has several applications within dentistry, but when it is most applied is orthodontic treatments. The space between the teeth that is intended to be gained with the stripping is done to achieve the desired alignment.

This procedure is performed only on certain teeth to remove a small part of the tooth’s width. Thus, in a quick and simple way in which a few minutes are used, the lack of space is solved.

Stripping is also used to reduce dark triangles between teeth. They are small spaces between the dental pieces in contact when the teeth are triangulated or there is loss of dental papilla.

Stripping can be done in both the upper and lower arches, using various methods to be determined by the orthodontist.

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