This 2020 choose 3D printing courses

Impresión 3D

Learning to design and optimize designs for subsequent 3D printing is one of the main objectives of the professionals of the sector for this newly released 2020. And for this nothing better than taking a course like the Integral 3D Printing & HP Masterclass, a design guide for additive manufacturing in digital production. It is a masterclass that, in addition to allowing 3D printing of designs, reveals the powerful HP Multi Jet Fusion technology applied to success stories. A great opportunity to know in depth the revolution in 3D printing, learning from the best experts and knowing the latest developments in technology. Additive manufacturing in the new era of digital production is already possible. The Integral 3D Printing masterclass begins […]

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If you don’t know him yet, KeyShot is the best 3D rendering and animation software. It’s all you need to create incredible accurate and fast visuals. It allows you to reduce the time needed to get the perfect image and see the results in real time thanks to the 3D rendering of your workflow. With KeyShot, creating the visuals of a product or sale and the corporate image of a brand has never been so easy: from the treatment of material with pinpoint accuracy, to the editing and animation of advanced content. Rendering course with KeyShot of Integral PLM Integral PLM offers you the opportunity to learn everything you need to make photorealistic representations of products with KeyShot, which supports […]

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