Woocommerce, one of the most popular CMSs

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that incorporates an online shop into a website. It includes everything required to set up an online shop, such as shop pages, shopping cart, methods, calculation of shipping costs, etc. You can upload products for sale, as well as add descriptions and prices. WooCommerce is one of the options you can count on to create an online shop. It is the creation of the company WooThemes, which launched it on the market in 2011 without suspecting the success it would bring in the ecommerce world. Today there are already more than 32 million downloads of WooCommerce, being the basis of 30% of online shops worldwide. Somos Sinapsis, a specialised ecommerce development agency in Barcelona, explains […]

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Advantages of Magento 2

That Magento is a leading application for the creation and management of online shops is nothing new: many companies have been benefiting from it for some years now. Magento 2 comes in its most recent and advanced version, which means another step forward.   In the agency dedicated to business web development Somos Sinapsis, they insist that you know the improvements that have made Magento 2 the benchmark for many ecommerce. The outstanding improvements of Magento 2 With the Magento 2 version, the caching system called Varnish brings more speed than in its previous version. It has also incorporated separate databases, as well as production and development environments. In this new Magento version, its new architecture allows customisation of the new […]

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analítica web

Web analytics is the process of collecting, measuring and evaluating data used in the world of digital marketing to analyse the information collected regarding user behaviour on a website, in order to understand and optimise its use. Web analytics allows to analyse recurring trends and behaviours over time, compare the performance of SEM, SEO, Social Media, among others. In addition, web analytics makes it possible to evaluate the performance of the website and to know as accurately as possible the behaviour of users on it. In this way, online marketing professionals can make strategic decisions and propose performance improvements to ecommerce. Somos Sinapsis, a strategic consultancy and SEO agency in Barcelona, helping companies to develop their business using the Internet […]

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marketing de afiliados

If you still don’t know what an affiliate platform is, in today’s article, we are going to discover affiliate marketing through Sinapsis, an online marketing and web development agency that has just created its own affiliate platform. So the first step will be to know what affiliate marketing is. What’s affiliates marketing Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular online marketing strategies today. In short, it is a form of digital marketing totally based on obtaining results with the minimum investment for the advertiser. Unlike other strategies, in affiliate marketing the advertiser only pays for the results obtained. Its operation could not be simpler. The affiliate network is responsible for promoting the advertisers’ products or services on their websites […]

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The covid 19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of ecommerce: many companies have survived thanks to it, and ecommerce development has been boosted enormously. In the midst of the widespread crisis, online shopping was a valuable resource for businesses and consumers alike. Marketing experts have already announced that the increase in e-commerce sales will continue even after the pandemic is over. Therefore, the trend in ecommerce development is on the rise, as the general population is becoming more and more comfortable with this mode of shopping. In addition to allowing them to maintain the recommended social distance, people who still trusted this shopping method have had the opportunity to see that it is safe, convenient and effective. In the agency […]

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programmatic marketing

Programmatic marketing is the technology that implements an automated set of rules for the audience and customers with personalized ads. This means that the user is impacted at a specific time and context by targeted advertising campaigns. These campaigns are carried out based on data obtained from the analysis of generic data on wider recipients. The selection of this data will be based on the similarities that can be exploited in the campaigns that we are interested in setting up.  Programmatic marketing offers the opportunity to analyze the behavior of visitors to a website, detecting their tastes and preferences.  This makes it possible to make personalized recommendations automatically, through SMS marketing, email marketing, social networks, web pages or the site […]

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Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing by which a company sells its products or services through third parties (affiliates) in exchange for a commission.There are three parties involved in this process: The advertiser: It is the merchant, also called the creator or brand owner of the product or service. The affiliate: Also called a publisher or publisher. It is the person who, through her blog, YouTube channel or social networks, influences customers to buy the advertisers’ products. Affiliates can be bloggers, youtubers, influencers, or affiliate marketing companies. The user: The client or user is the one who acquires the product or service promoted by the affiliate. How Affiliate Marketing Works The dynamics of affiliate marketing is very simple. […]

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The computing universe is as infinite as it is fascinating, and one of its inhabitants are the algorithms. Much talked about lately due to Google’s algorithm. Algorithms are mathematical formulas that channel data into tangible results, something in which Google has special expertise, creator of one of the most complex algorithms today. The purpose of the Google algorithm is to position millions of websites in its search engine and reflecting the different organic results called SERP’s or in other words: the results that appear on the search page. The operation may seem complex at first glance but, and without detracting at all from Google’s excellent work, it can decrypt without problems. The professional experts in development of the SEO agency […]

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More and more people are hearing about the concept of Social Media Marketing, but are we clear on what exactly it means? Social media marketing refers to a set of tools that, when put into action, open up various communication channels at a digital level. In other words, social media marketing is a 100% digital means of communication, consisting of an authentic arsenal of tools and platforms based on the all-powerful Internet. As the social media agency Somos Sinapsis knows and puts into practice, this medium has great relevance in business. And is that its ability to share and transfer information as text, images and audio between Internet users, generates many business opportunities. This would be an example of how […]

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The term is on the lips of many, but there are still those who have some doubts about what an e-commerce consulting is and what its functions are. What is clear is that online sales only work if applied from professional knowledge, applying the necessary techniques and tools to make it truly effective. And this is the exclusive task of an e-commerce consultancy, which helps businesses or companies to redefine their strategies, adapting them to specific circumstances. For this, it is necessary to start from a detailed analysis of the business and its competition, to assess the possibilities of online sales. There are many factors that intervene in the strategy to be drawn, such as positioning, bandring, sales channels, etc. […]

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