If you love music and want to study a course with many job opportunities, the professional DJ training is ideal for you. Professional DJ courses are very complete, as they combine theory and practice starting from scratch. Today we will focus this article on everything you need to know to become a professional DJ.

Currently, we have a lot of content and different knowledge on the internet, but this is not enough if you want to stand out as a professional DJ. What can really boost your career as a professional DJ is to be trained and educated. The benefits you will get in your career if you are certified will be much better.

Microfusa, Official Pioneer DJ School, has three decades of solid experience training real DJ/Music Producers in Madrid. With their courses you will learn how to get the most out of the most advanced Pioneer DJ software and hardware, CDJ’s and Vinyl. They will train you to create your own tracks from scratch, developing your idea and achieving your goal. Today we discover the course with which you will be able to develop yourself in the music industry and the world of the DJ/Producer like a fish in water.

Descripción del curso de DJ/Productor

With this course which proposes Microfusa you will learn and master all the technical and artistic aspects involved in today’s DJ world. They have a team of professionals with an excellent track record and more than 35 years of academic experience. Their syllabuses are constantly updated with the latest technologies. These will provide you with a unique learning experience so that you will be able to carry out a professional DJ session. At Microfusa you will be able to do unlimited practice sessions in their facilities with the same equipment as the best clubs in the world. Technology is only part of the learning process, the most important thing is the ability to transmit a DJ through music. That’s why today they have at their disposal;

  • Active professional teachers. Professional team fully dedicated to the world of music.
  • Unlimited practice. You can do as many as you need.
  • Pioneer DJ equipment. The best equipment at your disposal.
  • Numerous masterclasses. Classes with real experts in the field.
  • Small groups. Small classes that improve your students’ learning.

The syllabus is structured in three blocks;

  • DJ Fundamentals. It covers the following subjects. Basic equipment, musical genres and structures, Pioneer controllers, DJ Apps. Fundamentals of mixing, types of mixing, manual synchronisation, FX, playlist creation, Rekordbox file management and masterclass.
  • DJ Advanced. Advanced mixing techniques Pioneer DJ players. Technics and Pioneer vinyl players. Pioneer Rmx1000 external FX’s. Mixing with time code and masterclass.
  • DJ Business. DJ Industry (Promotion, DJ Psychology, Management), professional rooms and final project.

If you want to be a professional DJ in Madrid or Barcelona, don’t hesitate to sign up for Microfusa courses. You can contact them if you need more information about calls, requirements, payment methods… The job of DJ/Producer is one of the professions of the present but above all of the future, go for it.

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