Weekend music production courses

Is music your passion, to the point that you would like to prepare yourself with music production courses? Maybe you are interested in a course on mixing, ableton live, mastering, maschine… but you don’t have time during the week.

Precisely for this reason, Microfusa music school, in its centre in Madrid, organises music production courses on weekends. Because the current pace of life means that many people do not have time to train and learn during the week, which is an obstacle to achieving their goal: music production.

With these music production courses in Madrid, you can meet your daily commitments without renouncing to an excellent and direct training. They are designed following an innovative format of 2 days (weekends). These courses are held monthly according to the calendar and different timetables, in small groups.

What do the music production courses consist of?

By taking these courses, students acquire the essential knowledge necessary to achieve high-level musical productions. The classes are face-to-face according to the methodology of the Microfusa school, which includes theory, exercises and practice with highly personalised advice. We will offer 2 variants with different prices for each course: at the Microfusa School in Madrid, and at the collaborating studios MOBA studios.

The themes of these courses are:

  • Recording: for professionals who want to receive specific training in the field of studio recording and microphonic techniques. They should be familiar with the basics of any DAW and/or recording studio.
  • Mixing: to acquire knowledge, techniques and skills to approach a musical mix in a professional way.
  • Mastering: to go deeper into the aspects of mastering, taught by highly specialised sound technicians.
  • Synthesis: on the one hand, the basic concepts of synthesiser programming are reviewed, as well as the advanced study of other different forms of synthesis.
  • Ableton Live Push 2: basic concepts of programming in PUSH 2 as well as advanced techniques for production, recording and sequencing.
  • Maschine Mk3: knowledge, techniques and skills to approach the programming and handling of this fantastic controller from Native Instruments.

The themes of these courses are

These are the different weekend modules offered by Microfusa, you can register now:

  • MIXING: Open call for applications in March 2021.
  • RECORDING: Open call in April 2021.
  • MAXTERING: Open call May 2021.
  • NII MARCHINE Mk3: Open call July 2021.
  • SYNTHESIS: Open call in September 2021.

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