Music production courses in Madrid and Barcelona

Music production courses are probably the most demanded in the sector, especially in Madrid and Barcelona. The content of this type of training is constantly changing, based on the alliance between electronics and acoustic recordings in professional recording studios. The importance of the equipment of the centres where music production courses are given is essential. They must be perfectly equipped to offer high-end training with the latest technology in DAWs, synthesizers and professional studio equipment, as is the case at Microfusa.

This renowned music production school, with centres in Madrid and Barcelona, offers a wide variety of courses aimed at both electronic music production and main stream. Students have the possibility of becoming certified as users or operators of Avid Pro Tools (Music or Post-production).

Music production courses in Barcelona and Madrid

The music production school in Barcelona Microfusa, as well as the music production school in Madrid, has a wide variety of courses and qualifications, with different timetables and duration. The teaching staff is well prepared, very experienced and eager to teach. Students can get a very high performance from the theoretical and practical classes, full of explanations and demonstrations.

These are some of the music production courses in Barcelona and Madrid offered by Microfusa:

  • Technological Diploma in Music Production: two-year professional training cycle. Open call for applications in October 2021.
  • Artistic Diploma in Music Production: two-year professional training cycle. Open call for applications in October 2021.
  • Electronic Music Production: The certificate is structured in three levels, each lasting one trimester (total of 9 months). Classes are held two days a week and the training is complemented by access to the school’s facilities. Open call for applications in October 2021.
  • Use of Ableton Live and Musical Instruments: 6 months duration. Open call in October 2021.

  • Electronic music production using Ableton Live: one-term course (11 weeks).
  • Processing and Mixing: open call in April 2022. One term course (11 weeks).
  • Official Ableton Live Expert course: 6-month course.
  • Mixing: 30-hour course. Open call July 2021.
  • Mastering: 30 hours. July 2021.
  • Mixing and Mastering: 60 hours. Call for applications July 2021.
  • Private Lessons/Technical Consultancy: Two modalities to choose, of 2 and 10 hours of duration respectively. Timetable to be agreed, open enrolment.

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