The PTC Creo is a software designed to create 3D products in the most effective and possible way. This set of programs allow design without submitting to the demands that the program itself and the tools can set. This means that the PTC Creo, aimed at industrial designers, allows them to create their products more directly by multiplying possibilities.

Design of PTC Creo taught by Integral PLM

The PTC Creo includes a series of programs to develop 3D CAD products with superior capabilities and features.

The course of PTC Creo introduces the student to perform functions of a designer / designer in a mechanical engineering office.

 It also implements the management of CADCAM, the latest technology tool that covers all the needs of a technical office.

This means that it integrates design of solid models, assemblies and plans, creation of sheet metal parts, complex geometry or mechanisms. In Integral PLM, authorized distributor of PTC Creo, with more than 25 years you can perform all PTC courses to increase productivity.


3D design through PTC Creo

PTC functions include 3D solid modeling and direct modeling. Also detailed documentation that includes 2D and 3D drawings, technical surfaces and sheet metal modeling, welding and structural design.

It also performs analysis and data exchange functions. Graphic experience, integrated design animation and ease of working with data not imported from Creo are other functions. It also has integrated NC capabilities and software customization.

The PTC Creo 6.0 update requires training to expand knowledge in relation to software developments. The improvements in the interface, in piece modeling, in surfaces and in flexible modeling are updated. Also improvements in plans and sheet metal, as well as the use of intelligent screws and design explorations.

The PTC can be used in the most diverse areas: machinery, machining, design, management, development of molds, dies…


3D design image made with PTC Creo

The surface creation module is designed for the design of complex parts. It allows learning to generate surfaces and curves, as well as their analysis and manipulation for use in solid models.

With the Creo Simulate PTC structural simulation course you learn how to simulate product performance and adapt the 3D model. But all this with the advantage that it can be done without the need of prior knowledge in calculation by finite elements.

Documentation training in Creo 4.0 maps requires the introduction course to Creo Parametric 4.0 and is aimed at mechanical designers and industrial engineers. But any professional who performs a position related to the above can take advantage of this training.

With PTC Creo 6.0 you can increase productivity surprisingly. The software includes many new improvements and features to design tomorrow’s products. The latest in 3D CAD with CREO 6.0 comes with new features in augmented reality and simulation in real time. Also design for additive manufacturing and a modernization of the interface and the general user experience.

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