When a company decides to embark on the adventure of international expansion, one of the decisions to make is how it will bring customs management, in other words, how they will manage our merchandise customs formalities when crossing borders. One option is to internally course. The other is to hire the services of a customs agency.

Today, hire a customs agency or customs clearance to take care of all customs management it is often the most intelligent and profitable choice. And that leave in the hands of a team of experts all these steps will save us time and money because an expert will know how to complete the formalities so that the result is the most advantageous for your customer.




To give us an idea of ​​the complexity of the process, see, in summary, what kind of procedures should be performed customs. Keep in mind that all this varies greatly depending on the countries of origin and destination, and the type of goods to be transported, because you have to take into account both international law as it applies in each country.

First, the carrier, or their legal representative must present customs a full account of the load with the presentation of different documents. Subsequently, the goods at customs is downloaded and see if the relationship has been submitted matches the merchandise that has been downloaded. Otherwise, we can receive a penalty.

From that moment, we have a period of time that varies depending on the means of transport, to give what is called a customs destination to goods. Some of these destinations can be a free warehouse or inclusion in a customs procedure such as release for free circulation, transit or inward processing, among others.

Throughout all these steps, we must submit various documents, such as the SAD (Single Administrative Document). Likewise, we must know how goods are valued at customs-and not to be accompanied by an invoice, we must consider many factors, including the value of the packages, the cost of packaging, transportation costs and handling, and other aspects such as commissions windows. This point is very important since they based on the value of the goods, the different taxes and fees apply. A miscalculation can lead to unnecessary expenses.




Between customs management also we must know what insurance must apply, according to export regulations, and what coverage is compulsory. All this also depends on the countries of origin and destination -and often, those of transient and the means of transport.

We see, therefore, that the export of goods requires numerous legal knowledge, very different type. Perform internally in the company requires hiring qualified personnel. Therefore, the best option certainly is to have a customs agency or customs clearance to take care of all these formalities.


customs formalities

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