Ansys is an ecosystem of CAE programs for design, analysis and simulation of parts by finite elements. It includes the preparation, execution and post-process phases. The program executes the analysis of parts submitted to physical phenomena used in engineering and mechanical design, being able to solve physical problems submitted to thermal stresses, fluids, vibration and specific applications.

In short, Ansys is a simulation software that covers all aspects of physics. In this way, it helps companies obtain the best value for investment in engineering simulation.



The development of products guided by simulation takes engineering to a new level. It is in this context that the excellence and precision of the software, together with its incredible scalability of engineering and adaptive architecture, define Ansys technology as well as any other CAE tool. These advantages add value to the engineering project process, providing efficiency, generating innovation and reducing physical constraints, allowing simulated tests that would be practically impossible to perform with physical prototypes.

To summarize, the strengths of this software set are:

– Structural analysis: Its tools meet the most advanced models and techniques of structural analysis available in the market, helping to assess the physical integrity of structures of different sizes and complexity.
– Electromagnetic Analysis: Ansys solutions help predict the behavior of complex electrical and electronic systems and reproduce high and low frequency virtual electromagnetic fields.
– Fluid Dynamics: The Ansys Fluent and Ansys CFD tools are the most used worldwide for Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis and allow to simulate the behavior of fluid flow.
– Multifísica: Ansys AIM combines the mechanical, thermal, electrical and fluid-mechanical properties in a single interface and allows to develop a complete project, from design to simulation.

ansys software de simulación


Discovery Live is a simulation software that will allow you to obtain instant simulation results while you project and edit, and allows you to experience project ideas to get feedback in the area. These expeditious insights make the simulation useful and relevant to each engineer for the initial CAE.

With Discovery Live you can:

– Experiment design ideas, make changes easily and receive information instantly.
– Run 10 to 1000 simulations in the same time period as before was necessary to execute only one.
– Simulate in newly created models in any imported CAD file.
– Investigate more options at the beginning of the design process and develop new products that reach the market more quickly.
– Explore all your project ideas with little or no cost of time and effort.
– Facilitate advances and innovations and take your engineering efforts to a higher level.

ansys aim


ANSYS AIM is the first integrated multiphysics simulation environment that allows you to develop a complete project. From design to simulation and analysis of results. AIM makes it possible for engineers, with basic and advanced knowledge, to solve the simplest and most complex problems involving different physics (structural analysis, fluid dynamics, thermal and electromagnetic properties). All through a modern interface, easy to use and with an interactive workflow.

Integral PLM is representative of ESSS Iberia, Elite Channel Partner of Ansys. In addition to marketing the complete software portfolio for the region, ESSS also offers technical support, simulation consulting and software development and customization.

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