Discover the ins and outs of music business

If you are passionate about the music industry in general, to the point of wanting to dedicate yourself to it professionally, obtaining the Music Business professional certificate is of interest to you. Because, let’s not kid ourselves: making a living from music requires more than just talent. It can also be perfected and even expanded if it is backed up by good training. Like the Music Business certification, which allows you to analyse in detail the wide range of professionals, agents and work dynamics in the music industry.

With this certified training, which you can take at the Microfusa music school in Madrid and Barcelona, you will learn how the most current music industry works. This is absolutely necessary to undertake any initiative related to this field and to achieve your goals.

What does Music Business cover

Dedicating yourself professionally to this activity covers everything from the management of an artistic career to the organisation of a live show, as well as the management of record labels and their executive production. And also:

Knowing how to interpret the clauses of a contract.
Monetise releases on streaming platforms.
Organise a concert or a festival

By taking the music business certification at Microfusa in Barcelona or Madrid, you will be trained in all these aspects and you will also put them into practice with real-life cases. For example, managing record releases on Microfusa’s own mF Records platform. You will also organise concerts and music festivals in collaboration with Microfusa’s promoter, mf Events.

How the training is structured

This music business course in Madrid and Barcelona, given by Microfusa, is a magnificent learning platform and practical experience, which is very useful for finding a job in the sector. This certification is structured in three parts, each of them lasting one trimester.

Classes are held twice a week. You will also have access to various materials, exercises and projects on our virtual campus, access to which is included for students on this course.

The syllabus per term

The syllabus for the Music Business certification at Microfusa Music School is as follows:

First trimester

  • The recording industry
  • The publishing industry
  • Legal framework I and II
  • Collective management entities
  • Record management practices.

Second trimester

  • The manager and the booking agency
  • The promoter
  • Legal framework III
  • Merchandising
  • Types of events
  • Event management tools
  • The contemporary live industry
  • Event management practices

Third quarter

  • The digital revolution
  • Digital distribution
  • Legal framework IV
  • Marketing
  • Streaming platforms
  • Communication agencies
  • Stages of artist development
  • Psychology in marketing
  • The audiovisual business
  • Censorship in music
  • Evolution of market control
  • Communication in the industry
  • Event management practices

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