Discover how to become a professional DJ

Training as a professional DJ is the first step towards making a living as a DJ. It can be done through two-school courses, in which the theory necessary to perform the DJ profession in a complete way is taught. You have to master the booth equipment and its configuration, the beats, and the structures and scales that allow you to synchronise the music as well as possible. All these possibilities, and many more, are offered by the professional DJ course at the Microfusa School.

If you are interested in the world of music, you may have heard of this school, based in Barcelona and Madrid. Throughout the year it offers a range of courses related to music production, such as DJ courses. These certified courses prepare you to turn your passion for music into a profession. 

To do so, you will have to learn styles and trends, as well as deepen your knowledge of DJ psychology, something that will help you to position yourself on social networks. You will also learn how to mix and create your own sessions using CD players (Pioneer DJ), digital systems, controllers and vinyl. And whatever your musical preferences, you will have to do many hours of practice supervised by the teaching staff. Are you ready?

The syllabus of a professional DJ course

The facilities of the school where you train as a professional DJ are also very important, as Microfusa stresses. At this school, in addition to experienced teachers in the field, they also offer a variety of Master Classes given by internationally renowned professional DJs and Producers. To give you an idea of what you will learn, Microfusa has indicated the content of the syllabus of their professional DJ courses, take note:

Use of Controllers | 1st trimester

  • DJ booth, equipment and configuration
  • Musical structures
  • Applications and controllers for virtual DJ (Serato and Traktor)
  • Virtual DJ applications and controllers (Pioneer DJ Rekordbox)
  • Music genres
  • Introduction to mixing
  • EQ in mixing
  • Mixing with FX,
  • Harmonic mixing
  • Session preparation
  • Promotion and DJ psychology

CDJs and Vinyls | 2nd quarter

  • Mixing with turntables
  • Mixing with CD players (Pioneer DJ)
  • Wiring and connections
  • Mixing with external effects
  • Virtual mixing with vinyl and timecode CDs (Serato and Traktor)
  • Advanced mixing
  • The entertainment industry and the DJ

The only requirement is that you must be at least 16 years old. You can enrol now and take a step towards achieving your dream. 

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