Do you have a retained customs package?

Today is very common to make purchases in foreign online stores. They have popularized many sites and smartphone apps as AliExpress or Wish that offer interesting products even more attractive prices. The problem is that sometimes we take too long to arrive and then we begin to ask ourselves our package will not be retained in customs?

Well first you have to start by checking if we really have our shipment held in customs. And how we will check if we retained our customs package? Well the first thing you need is to have at hand the tracking number, delivery note or reference rate provided by the company that manages the transportation of our package.
We enter that number on the website of the carrier. Here are the direct links to the major transport companies: Post, DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, SEUR.

retained customs package 2

Second, you have to send a notice of arrival of international mail sent with the application for DUA to your home to explain you how to release your package. The SAD (Single Administrative Document) is the role of our support import or export declaration to the customs authorities. With this document we can settle customs duties. This declaration must be completed in a timely manner, as established by the National Community legislation (Customs Code) and (Circular DUA).

The DUA is formed by a bundle of 8 specimens plus a ninth national use implies authorization for the withdrawal or shipment of goods ( «release») using one or the other depending on the type of operation to reflect. For example, the DUA filed for an import declaration will use the copies 6, 7, 8 and 9 of the dossier; Export DUA copies 1, 2, 3, 4 and 9, and the DUA for the inclusion of goods under the Community transit use copies 1, 4, 5, 7 and 9.

Each issue has a different function. Thus, for example, and most relevant, copies 1 and 6 form the import and export file together with all other accompanying documents; copies 2 and 7 are for statistical purposes; copies 3 and 8 are the exporter and importer respectively.

retained customs package 4

In addition, the carrier has to send us a letter called «Notice of arrival of mailing from the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla subject to customs procedures or international origin.» That document must reach us in a period of approximately one week, if you have not come we can ask for a copy on the web post to send us by mail.
We’ll have to fill in all fields asking us, scan it and send it as soon as possible because if not re-send our package to its sender. also we need the invoice of the purchased item. If we have paid via PayPal we could make a screenshot but sometimes paypal invoice is not enough, in that case we have to ask for the bill to the online store where we bought our product. In the bill we will have to separate the shipping costs that have not been accounted for VAT.

Once these two sheets have been filled properly and scanned our computer, we will direct you to the website of adtpostales to provide the previously scanned documents.
When we have already sent the documents, we have to wait to review it in case we have forgotten any data or if something is missing. The review period is very variable. We could say that if you do a particular take an average of one week if all goes well. In those moments we can see if the status of our order has changed from «in processing import – Received documentation Recipients». Then if all goes well it will change to «pending import – Posted processed import budget.» That means they have already sent an email with the amount we have to pay in order to free our custom package.
According to customs regulations, we have 15 days after your items have arrived at the office to complete and return the appropriate documentation before your package is sent to a storage tank or returned to their place of origin.
In short, we must submit the following documents:

• Arrival Notice signed
• Proof of purchase of goods or commercial invoice or pro forma invoice
• If you do not have invoice or receipt will have to make a sworn statement with the amount

The truth is that removing a package of customs is quite problematic. The procedures are very slow and heavy, hence you have to arm themselves especially patience. By following these tips you can try to make yourself all the paperwork, but if you do not see can have two options. The first is to use Correos as your indirect representative before the customs. The second is to hire the services of a customs agent.
Customs agents are certified and qualified professionals that offer customs brokerage and customs clearance, to free our consignments held at customs in an easy, fast and simple way. There are many to choose from, some very good, iCustoms24.

retained customs package 5
If you hire a customs broker to perform customs declaration in your name, you must provide all the documentation of the sale you have available, to determine the value of the goods, the type of goods, and the origin of the same.
It must provide a copy of the invoice or proof of purchase and sale as well as any documents or notices that have given us the international transport company in charge of it. Also, you must authorize by authorization office, the customs broker to perform customs declaration in your name.

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