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Analogue mixing consoles are the most widely used by sound enthusiasts. Unlike other analogue electronic devices in use today, the analogue mixing console is still the king of the recording studio.

The mixing console has been in use since the 1990s and, due to its ease of use, analogue mixing consoles can be found in almost any recording studio. In addition, the low cost has made its use popular with both professional studios and amateurs.

At MicroFusa, a shop specialising in music technology products, they offer a wide variety of analogue mixing consoles that perfectly suit the needs and desires of every sound lover.

What is an analogue mixing console?

An analogue mixing console is a complex audio system. The mixer can not only preamplify and assign different inputs to the output, but can also perform different mixing and processing. 

The basic signal path in the mixer is the microphone or line input to the hybrid bus and output (main) level control. There are many more inputs that can be assigned to the bus, some of which are input via switches and some of which have level controls assigned to them (independent mix).

Typically, the mixer will have EQ. It is also common for the mixer to have a patch, so the signal will be re-routed for processing or sent in other ways.

Advantages of analogue mixing consoles

One of the most significant advantages is that analogue mixing consoles are physically controlled. 

This fact makes analogue mixing consoles more intuitive than digital mixing consoles, which often hide commands in various on-screen menus. They usually consist of a console through which all signals (audio signals via faders) are input and output.

Best analogue mixing consoles on the market

Allen & Heath ZED-22FX 

The Allen & Heath ZED-22FX is a 24-channel recording mixer, which includes 23 mix sources, 10 independent outputs, 4 auxiliary sends and USB input and output for connection to a PC. 

Plus DuoPreTM preamp, 100 mm fader. There is a full EQ section throughout the ZED series mixer ZED-22FX has 16 unique effects designed by Allen & Heath’s DSP engineers.


Mackie ProFX 30 V3 is Mackie’s third-generation professional live mixer with FX module and USB connection, is a DJMania bestseller and has 30 channels.

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