Importance of ERP integration in ecommerce development

integracion ERP

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an information system that integrates the internal operations of the company; such as production, logistics, distribution, human resources.

ERP integration in an ecommerce automates all processes and operations. It also simplifies the work and collects all the company’s information on the same platform, which saves time and costs.

In Somos Sinapsis, ecommerce agency in Barcelona, we are specialists in making integrations between ERP systems and eCommerce platforms such as Magento (1 and Magento 2) or Prestashop. 

ERP integration in eCommerce

Before performing any ERP integration, a few tips should be considered. First, they should make sure that the chosen ERP meets the needs and desires of the customer.

After customizing the ERP purchased, the second step is to check if the e-commerce adapts to the content you want to convey to the users.

The third and last step is synchronization. A bidirectional synchronizer must be found through which ERP gets information from the online store, and vice versa.  At the same time, the synchronization must be customizable and configurable only to your company.

Somos Sinapsis is an ecommerce development company which has worked with the main ERP systems, integrating e-commerce both through file exchange system and through webservice, making a direct integration.

Benefits of ERP integration in the company


ERP’s promote the organization of the company and allow the optimization of processes and resources, which will have an impact on the optimization and efficiency of the management itself and in the relationship with customers.

Make decisions based on data

Access to all the company’s information in a simple, fast and orderly way, allowing data-driven decision making, thus avoiding impulsive, wrong or inattentive decisions.

Improved productivity

The automation of internal processes will increase the company’s productivity.

Reduced costs

Employees and repetitive tasks will disappear with the integration of an ERP in e-commerce. On the other hand, the standardization of processes and work processes has a direct impact on the optimization of time and resources, reducing costs.

More control

ERP implementation can better control all operations.


Most ERPs are modular, scalable and interconnected.

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