After nearly a decade in which social agenda has marked the economic crisis, have triggered numerous bankruptcies in firms with consequent ERE (Employment Regulation File). This situation has resulted in companies have either closed or have reduced their staff, but in return have a tendency to invest in HR (Human Resources) and work spaces in order to increase the productivity of their workers. We can say that the market for applications and the technology market is developing at the service of productivity. Companies committed to the management of spaces: furniture adaptation to the needs and comforts of workers; and also generate an interactive space where employees can build, have their recreation area, and can reach a point of confluence of ideas to develop a specific project beneficial to the company.

There is a very important boost productivity of your workers factor, and that there is adequate «symbiosis» between them and the offices so that they meet the needs of each worker to personal effects besides work. Worrying about your physical and psychological health will make a corporate culture that not only help project the image of the company, but also workers to work for your company proudly believed. All this has a lot to do with the labor content and therefore increased productivity. In short, it seeks the good quality of work in the company derived from index wellness in the workplace.

Another issue that are up in the media discourse is the global concern about pollution. No need to go far, because in our major capitals have registered quite high pollution rates, which means that the air quality in our cities is quite low. What has this to do with productivity? A Harvard study proves that generally spend about 80% of our time indoors, and one of those places are offices and workspaces, which spent much of the day. These offices have ventilation systems to clear the air of the buildings, the problem is that we renew the air with another also contaminated. Not to mention the ease to infections among employees or occur that bring air particles that cause allergies affecting employees. All these factors make significantly reduce productivity.

Given this need arises, the technology market creates some ventilation systems with air filtration acting to eradicate those particles harmful to health. This is the case of Clean Air (, which studies from furniture and accessories to ventilation systems themselves, advises on measures to treat and is committed to improving air quality, perceived, creating a clean environment and contributing towards the health of their employees. The effort that the entrepreneur done to accommodate space is rewarded in the labor content, and therefore greater productivity, healthy buildings and healthy workers.