zumos lambda sugar free

Lambda juices are made only with organic and sugar free fruits. The products used to create Lambda organic juices grow and ripen in healthy, clean, chemical-free soil using only natural fertilisers.

This type of agriculture favours biological pest control without the use of pesticides and fungicides, and favours crop rotation, thus avoiding soil depletion. It is this origin that makes Lambda juices unique and biologically healthier.

For consumers who appreciate and seek natural, healthy and pleasurable alternatives in their daily diet, Lambda sugar free juices provide you with a legally verified guarantee that allows you to enjoy pure juice without contaminating your body.

Lambda juices sugar free

History of Lambda juices

The Lambda juice company was founded in the Canary Islands in 1996. Their mission is to reflect the special island personality and the quality products they use for their Lambda organic juices.

The secret of the success of Lambda juices is the commitment to quality, which is determined by excellent raw materials. Lambda juices are characterised by the taste, texture, colour and aroma of natural products with no artificial additives.

Lambda juices and nectars, a brand belonging to the Vichy Catalán group. Lambda produces delicious nectars and juices and we have different flavours and formats available. 

Lambda juices: A success among organic juices

The Lambda company is well known in all establishments, as they offer a wide range of products in the production of Lambda juices and fruit nectars, always made with the best raw materials, with more than 30 varieties of fruit and vegetables.

Lambda Sugar Free (sugar free) or Bio (organic) are some of the products most in demand by consumers who appreciate the quality of a 100% Canarian brand.

We must not forget that Lambda is Vichy Catalán’s premium juice brand.  Authentically natural and sugar-free juices. 

Nutritional qualities of Lambda juices

The Lambda range of juices provide the nutritional qualities of fruit and vegetables and are enriched with pulp, fibre and other healthy values. 

All these nutritional qualities provided by Lambda juices are essential for a balanced diet and for the proper functioning of the organism, with two powerful attributes: quality and innovation.

Lambda juices sugar free

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