Between February 28 and March 3, professionals related to the world of renewable energies and energy efficiency, have a new appointment at IFEMA on the occasion of the celebration of GENERA 2017, International Energy and Environment Fair, which a again it will show an interesting perspective on the latest technological developments in the sector.

Among all activities, it stresses the call for a new edition of the Innovation Gallery. An initiative, which aims to recognize and disseminate innovative projects in the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency and environment, for the eighth consecutive year.


energy efficiency


The call aims to encourage companies, research centers and technological institutes, universities, research groups and other public and private organizations to submit projects, with a strong innovative and technological nature, related to renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental protection. The proposals must be linked to products or developments with possibilities of reaching the market.

A jury of experts, professionals and representatives from leading industry associations will select the projects according to their degree of innovation, their energy efficiency, their applicability and their ability to positively influence the development of renewable energies and energy efficiency.

The selected projects will have a recognition that already has a long history and prestige within the sector and will be widely disseminated through different communication actions. In addition, they will be present during the celebration of GENERA 2017 in an exhibition space specially qualified for the professionals who participate in the fair.




In the last edition of the event, the show presented the latest advances and innovations in the sector of renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability, among which highlighted intelligent control systems and optimization of the operation of all types of renewable energy facilities; self-consumption solutions; energy efficiency systems for lighting and ventilation, home automation and energy storage; new measurement and control instruments; and renting and fleet management solutions for electric vehicles.

The Technical Sessions dealt with themes such as the low carbon strategy in the European framework 2030, the contribution of energy services to the development of smart cities, energy efficiency in building rehabilitation, or the main advances and challenges in biomass, cogeneration, wind energy, photovoltaic, geothermal, marine and solar thermal and thermoelectric.

The Innovation Gallery last year recognized 18 innovative projects, representing the progress of Spanish technology in renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental protection.



The renewable energy sector in Spain, in addition to protecting the environment, is an important engine for generating employment and wealth for the country. According to data published by the Association of Renewable Energy Companies (APPA), this activity contributed in 2010 to 7.387 million euros of Spanish GDP and created 70,750 jobs.

The sector also avoided the import of 20.6 million tonnes of oil equivalent (toe) in the form of fossil fuels, which prevented 54.4 million tonnes of CO₂ from being emitted into the atmosphere.

To know more about Genera 2017, check IFEMA’s website.

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