How become custom agent?

The customs agent is a professional authorized by the Directorate General of Customs and Excise office to present the goods to be imported or exported. It is a professional vitally important in business transactions worldwide.

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The customs agent is the legal representative of the importer and the exporter before customs. His intervention in transactions facilitates international exchanges since assumed the customs expert opinion, provides financial guarantees to the authorities and provides greater safety and fluidity in the formalities and payment transactions.

The customs expertise multilogístico operator in customs legislation and foreign trade, logistics and transport, advises the importer and / or exporter from packaging of goods agent until arrival at destination. Thanks to this effective intervention in distribution activities and foreign trade contributes to economic expansion in the area where they work.

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The customs agent is a highly trained professional foreign trade, which should have a thorough knowledge of customs rules and be aware of changes in laws and administrative regulations, by the European Union. The complexity of the task of customs broker Barcelona becomes apparent when one considers that for every shipment entering Spain, the agent of Algeciras customs must determine the correct classification and taxable value, and be fully aware of the many of products subject to quotas, restrictions and controls paraduaneros.

The contribution of customs agent or any other city Almeria is the guarantee of the success of commercial transactions, whose supervision is dedicated. Therefore, professional intervention Bilbao customs agent, able to respond to the growing demands imposed by the markets, it becomes increasingly indispensable.

Who can be a customs agent?

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A customs agent in Spain, first, must be a natural person with legal physical residence in Spain or in the territory of another EU state. Second, you must have passed the Aptitude Course, by the Tax Agency on issues of tax and customs basic regulations in the field of foreign trade in goods, excise tax, and regulatory smuggling. In addition, a customs agent Gijon must be registered in the Register of Customs Representatives of the Department of Customs and Excise Tax Agency.

Aptitude Course for obtaining title agent and customs agent takes place in two phases:

A) A first phase -Selection- in which candidates are elected for each call number according to projected needs according to the highest score obtained regarding the minimum established by the Court Qualifier, and by testing fixed thereon, that fall on customs issues basic regulations, foreign taxation, excise duties and smuggling regulation.

B) A second phase consisting -Formación- overcoming a period of teaching classes taught at the School of Public Finance, and who will have access to applicants who have passed the first stage of selection. They are subjects of the training period relating to the Community Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law and Customs and New Technologies data transmission.

By Order of the Director General of the State Tax Administration Agency, to be published in the Official Gazette, the dates of celebration of Phases Selection and Training, the deadline for submission of applications and the designation are determined court evaluates the evidence of both phases of the process, both the team as Training.

The candidates who pass the course are awarded the Aptitude Agent and customs agent, issued by the state, which enables them to the free exercise of the profession, following the appropriate administrative license and proper licensing.

What is the role a customs agent?

The functions of customs agent Madrid are submitting customs documentation, conducting procedures for special goods, and fertilizer owner name tariffs and accruals of among other functions: The customs agent 3

custom agent

The customs agent Málaga presents to customs, and on behalf of his principal, customs clearance of imported or exported goods (DUA, commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin …).
Sevilla customs agent performs the formalities for goods that are subject to physical examination and listed in the manual called TARIC.
Tarragona customs agent is responsible for requesting and obtaining the services they need paraduaneros for certain goods through customs, such as health control, phytosanitary control, quality control, etc.
Valencia The customs agent will be present, as representative of the importer or exporter, appropriate physical inspections that may require customs.
Guarantee and pay taxes (VAT and tariffs) on behalf of the importer to the customs.
Issuing certificates of origin, EUR.1 certificates, and certificates of origin Form A.
Vigo customs agent obtained from the authorities a completed copy of the DUA called LEVANTE, allowing exit the customs area.
Customs legislation, destinations and customs arrangements, common agricultural policy, generalized preferences system, antidumping, tariffs, trade regime, international finance, customs, tax warehouses, receiver – authorized consignor.
Resorting notifications of the tax agency on behalf of his principal.
Advise the economic operator in customs matters.
Transits: national and community.
customs inspections at destination, resources and tax-customs claims.
Coordination and damage insurance.

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