Makerbot 3d printers for classrooms

Some of the best personal 3D printers on the market are undoubtedly the Makerbot. These are faster and easier to use printers for professional quality models. Their effectiveness makes them suitable for many fields, and they are revealed as particularly useful in education.

Desktop 3D printers can encourage students to solve real problems, stimulating creativity. Makerbot is aware of the challenge of providing 3D printer classrooms.

That is why the American company founded in New York in 2009 has developed new solutions for educators. What they need is an aid to start previously planned lessons. For this, the MaketBot Educators Guide is focused to meet their specific needs, adding content to the resources. These include Thingiverse Education, the largest library, file community and 3D printing lessons, and the new MyMaketBot platform.

3D printers in the classroom and guide for MakerBot

Educators can print 3D in class without problems with the new MakerBot Educators Guide. This guide is made in collaboration with leading MakerBot Educators in STEM education to learn basic concepts and quality lessons.

All detailed projects are available in the guide step by step, guiding educators from start to finish. There are a total of nine projects that are a small sample of the lessons available in MarketBot Thingiverse Education. It offers hundreds of free class plans for implementation in the classroom and project-based learning.

Thingiverse Education includes a guide for 3D printing in the classroom, and lesson plans and ideas for experienced educators. It also provides lesson plans based on NGSS and Common Care learning standards, so as not to start from scratch.

Install and use the Makerbot 3D printer in class

Thanks to the MakerBot Mobile wireless configuration guide you can quickly start working with the 3D printer. With MakerBot Print and MakerBot Mobile, printers can be installed remotely. Downtimes can also be minimized and have an industrial-level customer support service. In addition, the new MakerBot printers are quieter to adapt to the classroom work environment.

The issue of security is also contemplated in the new MakerBat 3D printer. Its PLA filament is not toxic nor poses any danger to students of any age. Another of its strengths is the speed of printing compared to previous models, as well as its volume of prints. It also allows you to ensure that the printing works out as planned with the Print Preview in the MarkerBot Print software.

And the technical support of 3D printing experts facilitates rapid and extensive coverage to facilitate problems that may arise. Starting a 3D printing in class is easy and fast with the videos set up.

Now students can already benefit from the reliable and gifted combination to use the best MarketBot resources with 3D printing.

Integral Innovation Experts, company of products and services to live in an intelligent world, facilitate the MakerBot for education. Because an intelligent and connected world implies fostering the potential of students who must prepare for the jobs of the future.

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