Moog Theremins, the most mysterious sound

The Moog Theremin is considered to be the reinvention of one of the oldest known electronic musical instruments. Its design is a product of the experience of playing an instrument without actually playing it, with a powerful sound engine derived from Moog’s award-winning synthesiser, Animoog. The Moog Theremin represents sure success for anyone regardless of skill or physical ability. At the same time, it enables new ways of experimenting with music, education and gestural control.

By being able to correct the pitch, each player adjusts the level of difficulty of the instrument, and by activating the Theremin he will play perfectly all the notes of a selected scale. For him, there are no mistakes. As the assisted pitch correction decreases, more expressive control of pitch and vibrato is possible. When deactivated, it functions like a traditional Theremin, without pitch correction.

The Moog Theremin and its possibilities

This Moog incorporates a tuner that, while playing, provides visual information in real time, approaching perfection. This allows the user to correct his playing position, and younger players to perfect their tuning and scales.

The Theremini makes it possible to select from 32 presets based on waves or wavetables, store a selected scale, set and recall a specific playing range, and specify settings for the included stereo delay, among other things.

Recessed into the top of the Theremini is a compact speaker, useful for private rehearsals, which can be mounted anywhere with ease. Even silent rehearsals can be conducted using the headphone socket on the front panel. Simply plug in a pair of headphones and the built-in loudspeaker becomes silent.

For live performance and gestural control, the Theremini’s rear panel features stereo line-level audio outputs. Also a Pitch CV output with selectable range and a mini USB socket for MIDI connectivity with the free Theremini Mac / Windows software editor and Theremini iPad editor.

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