The computing universe is as infinite as it is fascinating, and one of its inhabitants are the algorithms. Much talked about lately due to Google’s algorithm. Algorithms are mathematical formulas that channel data into tangible results, something in which Google has special expertise, creator of one of the most complex algorithms today.

The purpose of the Google algorithm is to position millions of websites in its search engine and reflecting the different organic results called SERP’s or in other words: the results that appear on the search page.

The operation may seem complex at first glance but, and without detracting at all from Google’s excellent work, it can decrypt without problems. The professional experts in development of the SEO agency of Barcelona Somos Sinapsis explain for this working article the algorithm that has given so much to talk about.

Google’s algorithm exposed

Every time we consult the search engine, in a matter of thousandths of a second Google activates a process that displays a results page. To better understand how it achieves this, this action can be divided into three different phases:

  1. The crawling: is an analysis of billions of pages that respond to the user’s search intention, which includes both internal and external links. It must be said however, that this will only be possible if the owners of the pages authorize googlebot to access them.
  1. The indexing: then the indexed pages based on different positioning factors are distributed and are being monitored. This is how search results start to take shape on various pages. The order that these SERPs follow is based on the results that most closely match what the user is consulting. In parallel, the algorithm also searches for all possible variations of the query or keyword and groups them semantically: singular, plural, synonyms, etc.
  1. The spam cleanup: to finish, the Google algorithm filters out possible results that may not respond to the user’s search, including those that may induce error. These results “no desirable ”appear on pages so far away that they are unreachable, so that the user will never be able to click on them.

An algorithm that is renewed

Google’s algorithm is like its own entity that expands and learns based on the actions of the network user. This means that Google learns from us, even from our attempts to mislead you. At the same time we learn about Google and how it evolves through its updates. To put it in some way, Google and users feed each other.

Still, the updates affect us little, since it is about minor modifications to mode correction that are performed in the more important. There have, however, been very important algorithm updates, most of which bear names from the animal kingdom. The most known are Google Panda , Google Penguin and Google Hummingbird . In a future article we will dedicate ourselves to analyzing them all.

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