New Focal DJ monitors

If you are interested in the world of music production, you are probably familiar with the Focal brand, a French company that is a world leader in the manufacture of hi-fi solutions. More than 40 years of experience and a range of high-tech products guarantee the well-deserved prestige of the brand all over the world. One of Focal’s flagship products is its DJ monitors, such as the new Evo range.

New features, technologies and design: these are the new Focal Alpha 50 Evo and Focal Alpha 65 Evo studio monitors. Both are very versatile and offer great possibilities at a very competitive price in their sector. These monitors, which are perfect for professional mixing in all environments, can also be purchased online from the professional sound, music production and DJ equipment shop Microfusa. The Slatefiber membrane, manufactured in Focal’s French workshops, as well as their robust design, are particularly noteworthy.

Highlights of the Focal Evo Series

  • The Focal Alpha 65 EVO: new 6″ monitors with improved performance compared to previous models. This allows them to achieve high volumes without distortion, great versatility, and the ability to be used in mixing, mastering, DJ or broadcast environments. The Alpha 65 Evo monitors feature a new 1/4″ TRS jack input, and allow standby mode to be disabled. They have rear inserts for wall or ceiling mounting. They feature a 5/8″ (15 mm) thick MDF cabinet with internal bracing for optimum response even at high pressure levels. It facilitates their acoustic integration even in the tightest of spaces, and their aesthetics offer new rounded contours.
  • The Focal Alpha 50: feature a new 1/4″ TRS jack input, providing the possibility to deactivate the standby mode. They can be wall or ceiling mounted. They incorporate a new Slatefiber membrane made in France, which is characterised by a dynamic sound, full of nuances and very balanced. It is a benchmark of high fidelity in its category. These monitors also incorporate recycled carbon fibres combined with a thermoplastic polymer. The good result of the mixture of both materials is evident in sound speed, rigidity and damping.

Microfusa is a reliable place to buy Focal products, such as its range of studio monitors. The brand is a reference in the experience of creating loudspeakers, DJ monitors and all the products that a studio may need.

In addition to their physical shops in Barcelona and Madrid, they have a website with an online shop, chat and a telephone number for any questions you may have with their specialists.

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