Whether you are a multinational, a regional provider or a small service office, you know that the content and process management software for production of PTC Windchill, one of the PLM products, offers you the solution you need. It will guarantee effective business processes, as well as the effective development of complex information assets, that is, the design of products, the documentation of services and the presentation of information in compliance with current regulations.

PTC Windchill by PLM is a fast, secure business collaboration software that only requires a web browser for access. In short, it allows companies to simplify product development processes and provide exceptional physical goods and information products.

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With PTC Windchill, manufacturers will be able to manage their products during all phases of their life cycle. Its efficient high performance architecture, based absolutely on a web browser, has been designed for the current global environment. In addition, it is possible to combine the power of your collaboration factor with several ECAD / MCAD tools, the control of products and processes, as well as with your ERP platform. Let’s see its functions and advantages:

– By having a unique source of product or content information, PTC Windchill enables development effectiveness and reduces errors and repetition of jobs.
– Its complete features of product definition and collaboration lead expertly to the understanding of information throughout the company, regardless of its origin.
– One of its great advantages: the support and the integral and repeatable automation of the processes accelerates the term of commercialization and reduces the cost of development.
– And, in addition, the secure Internet architecture and conforming to the industry standards of this PLM product, provides a high-performance, secure technology platform.

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To better align itself with its commercial objectives around digital transformation, PTC has launched new prices and new PLM packages:

New Windchill Base, Advanced and Premium package for the expert PLM user
New additional Windchill applications specific to design, manufacturing, service, quality and industrial roles.
ThingWorx Navigate package for companies with non-expert PLM users.

Whether you are thinking about trying the new PLM packages or if you still want to take advantage of your legacy PLM, you can also take advantage of the new available discounts:

Until June 30: a 15% discount.

Until September 30: a 10% discount.

PTC offers these new PLM packages and these new prices until further notice. However, it is important to note that additional seats of inherited prices and packages can not be purchased after September 30, 2019.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, do not hesitate to visit the web of Integral PLM, leader in software and consulting services, implementation and training of PTC solutions.

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