Omniwallet, a new omni-channel loyalty tool

Some companies dedicated to the development of internet businesses have been researching for some time now an easy, economical and effective solution to increase omnichannel. With Omniwallet, the Somos Sinapsis agency has achieved this, taking a step forward in 360º loyalty.  This omnichannel solution achieves customer acquisition and loyalty, acting as a link between the physical and virtual worlds. 

Until recently, this consisted in the development of an App, which in some cases is effective, but most of the time it has more disadvantages than benefits. Thus, Somos Sinapsis has created cards called Omniwallet, updating their data and connecting with other systems to become a bridging tool. 

Onmiwallet and the use of mobile wallets

By means of this simple technology of Onmiwallet electronic cards, the operation of an APP can be emulated. However, avoiding the cost of development and maintenance that this implies for the brand. Also, avoiding another mobile application for the user.

Omniwallet integrations

Salesmanago is a piece that operates with independent intelligence and integrates, through the implementation of the Omniwallet card, to the rest of the systems. In this way it is not necessary to intervene on the information systems already in use.

The customisation is minimal, and is almost entirely done in Somos Sinapsis middleware and Manago. Despite the cost of the new tool, it pays for itself in the medium and long term.

The development of the onmicanal devices

Somos Sinapsis has developed omnichannel devices as a complement that adapts to the strategy of each company and its digital environment. Some of the functionalities it can provide are: 

  • Collect leads.
  • Loyalty.
  • Integration with third parties.
  • On-Off Conversion
  • Redeem points
  • Online purchase, immediate Off collection…

In Somos Sinapsis they channel the projects from a business point of view, studying and understanding the market of their clients. In this way they can configure a tailor-made project to meet the proposed objectives. The Omniwallet is one of the tools that they have successfully applied to some of their clients of recognised brands, such as Galp.

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