Online training in music technology and sound

The Microfusa school is already a reference for online sound courses, in addition to face-to-face courses. The school offers a wide variety of courses and qualifications, as well as a well-prepared, very experienced and eager to teach teaching staff. The students of the Microfusa school’s online sound courses can get a very high performance from the classes, which are oriented to stimulate their desire to learn.

Microfusa is characterised by supporting the initiatives and projects of all the students, knowing that getting started in the world of music is not easy. When an opportunity for an internship, a collaboration or a job comes up, Microfusa does everything possible to make it happen. They do not guarantee the success of all the students, but they can even prove that today there are numerous professionals in the music sector who have gone through the Microfusa training system.

Some online courses to choose from with a higher degree

Microfusa offers the following online higher degree courses, with open call for October 2021:

  • Bachelor of Science in Popular Music Production: a three-year higher degree course. It provides the broadest knowledge related to the world of music production.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Digital Music: three-year degree: This degree provides a mastery of music production environments, starting with those based on the personal computer and progressing to large format studios, oriented towards professional recording, mixing and mastering.

On the Microfusa school website you will find more online higher degree courses.

Music production

These are some of the online music production courses offered by Microfusa, open in October 2021.

  • Electronic Music Production: training itinerary to learn and master the tools of musical creation in depth. Contents with essential and necessary knowledge for music production, including the use of Ableton Live and audio and MIDI sequencing. Also the use of virtual instruments, synthesis and sampling, mixing and processing, etc.
  • 1st year of the Technological Diploma in Music Production: two-year professional training cycle. At the end of this cycle it is possible to complete a university degree (BA Hons)* in the United Kingdom by accessing a third year of studies in one of the universities linked to Microfusa.

On the school’s website you will find more online music production courses.

Online DJ courses

Within the Microfusa online courses offer, you will also find four different varieties of online dj courses. This is one of them:

  • DJ. Use of controllers: it offers an introduction to the professional field of DJing from the perspective of applications and computer systems for playback with remote controllers. Both the content and the activities are focused on the design, preparation and configuration of a DJ session, whether from an artistic, technical or promotional point of view.

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