In today’s article we are going to talk about the PLM consulting service of Integral PLM, a company with extensive experience in the field of industry 4.0. But for this, we will first delve a little into the concept of project management.

What is PLM or project management

PLM stands for Product Lifecycle Management, which in our country is known as project management. It is the process that manages the complete life cycle of a product from its conception, through its design and manufacture until its reuse or end of its useful life.

This process is carried out through integrated software solutions, of the complete product life cycle. From the conception of the product with CAD (Computer Aided Design) solutions, through the analysis and optimization of the product with CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) solutions, arriving at the analysis of how this product will be produced and maintained with CAM solutions (Computer Aided Manufacturing) and capturing, reusing and sharing with each of the actors in the production cycle all the information generated in each of the stages mentioned above with PDM (Product Data Management) solutions.

PLM has a series of capabilities or programs that allow a company to effectively manage and innovate its products and related services throughout its useful life.

Together with CRM (Customer Relationshio Management) for business administration, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for company resource management, SCM (Supply Chain Management) for supplier management and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) System to optimize production processes PLM is one of the five pillars of information technology infrastructure in a corporation.

What does a PLM consultancy do

Thanks to PTC technology, Integral PLM offers a high quality service in PLM consulting, allowing companies to improve their product design processes and the management of the engineering and production cycle.

They provide personalized advice that will help you generate specific solutions to your internal problems, through a practical work methodology aimed at achieving objectives. They also offer a review of the work methodology and training of new employees.

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Optimize innovation efforts through the PLM

Integral PLM helps companies optimize their innovation efforts through Product Lifecycle Management with a methodology based on quality standards:

With the adoption of practical improvements in project management and configuration management, companies manage to reduce the launch times of new products, reduce industrialization times by applying collaborative engineering and reducing physical prototypes, and facilitate product and process data update according to business needs.
Through the inclusion of practical improvements in design process management, configuration management and component classification, companies can gain control of product configuration, achieve 150% product structure with WBS Mechanical, Electrical and Software; and obtain engineering changes with impact analysis.
Finally, by including practical improvements in product structure management, configuration management and the inclusion of digital plans, our customers can improve competitively in reducing product development and manufacturing costs.

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