Professional DJ course in Microfusa

If your dream is to become a professional DJ, training is essential to achieve your goal, and you will get it in a DJ school. Although it is true that everything related to music requires a natural talent, to be a professional DJ, it is also necessary to master techniques. Let’s not forget that it is a profession directly related to new technologies, which are constantly advancing, and that it is necessary to know and handle them with fluency.

Another equally important factor is the dj school chosen for training, and it is worth opting for the most renowned ones, such as MicroFusa. This music school, with centres in Barcelona, Madrid and also online courses, has a wide variety of courses and qualifications, with different timetables and duration. It also has a well-prepared and experienced teaching staff, who help students to get the most out of the theoretical and practical classes. Let’s take a look at the new professional DJ course in Barcelona given by the Microfusa music school.

A professional DJ course for today’s demands

With the dj Barcelona training course that you will receive at Microfusa, you will learn in depth everything you need to know about the technical and artistic aspects of today’s dj world.

The school’s experienced team of professionals, and a new syllabus that is constantly adapted to new technologies, provide a solid and complete learning experience to be able to perform a professional DJ session.

The school’s facilities offer unlimited practice with the same equipment as the best clubs in the world.

But although technology is only a fundamental part of the learning process, at Microfusa they know that the most important thing for a DJ is his or her ability to transmit through music. To achieve this, the school offers

  • Active professional teachers
    Unlimited practice
    Pioneer DJ equipment
    Small groups
  • The syllabus of the Professional DJ course

The course is structured in three blocks:

DJ Fundamentals

  • Basic equipment
  • Music genres and structures
  • Controllers (Pioneer DDJ 1000, DDJ 800, DDJ 400, Traktor S2)
  • DJ Apps (Rekordbox, Traktor, Serato Dj Pro)
  • Mixing basics, mix types, manual sync, FX.
  • Playlist creation, file management (Rekordbox).
  • Masterclass

DJ Advanced

  • Advanced mixing techniques
  • DJ Players (Pioneer CDJ 3000, CDj 2000 nx2, Pioneer DJM 900 nx2)
  • Vinyl players (Technics SL-1210, Pioneer PLX 1000)
  • External FX’s (Pioneer Rmx1000)
  • Time Code Mixing
  • Masterclass

DJ Business

  • DJ Industry (Promotion, DJ Psychology, Management)
  • Professional Venues
  • Final Project

For more information or to book a place in the new calls, you can do so through the Microfusa website.

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