PTC Creo Elements / Direct: the revolutionary 3D CAD software

El PTC Creo, solución de software de diseño CAD, permite crear diseños únicos de forma ágil y sencilla, así como el cambio de propósito radical del diseño

When a company looks for a CAD sortware solution for its mechanical engineers and designers, which is easy and flexible, the PTC Creo is the answer. This leading direct modeling solution in the sector is a system integrated into a structure that fits the specific needs of the company.

The PTC Creo, CAD design software solution, allows you to create unique designs quickly and easily, as well as changing the radical purpose of the design. Companies often incorporate 3D modeling into the product design process to overcome the increase in production pressures. These pressures range from the acceleration of new products to the market, to meet the more complex demands of new customers.

With the PTC Creo it is already possible to benefit from the most complete direct modeling features on the market, taking full advantage of the direct modeling in the CAD design.

In Integral PLM, they are distributors of the best industrial engineering solutions, such as the PTC Creo. It has a team of experts, as well as consulting services, implementation and training of engineering solutions.

The PTC Creo interactive design

The Creo Elements / Direct Model Manager PTC is a PDM (producer data management) solution specializing in highly interactive design environments. Its automated data management is naturally included in the design process, from protected concepts to released producers. Coordinates development work and organizes 3D and 2D CAD data, as well as the files associated with a central database.

One of the advantages of this CAD software is to be able to adapt more efficiently the design and machining processes in a structure of parts and assemblies. The speed and accuracy of 2D design tasks will also be favored, as well as the comparison of plan reviews. Autodesk DWG and DXF and IGES 2D formats can also be imported and exported.

The Creo Elements / Direct Modeling PTC allows occasional CAD users to create new geometry or modify an existing CAD 3 D design. The Creo Elements saves time and allows you to prepare models without relying on the design engineer and without being a CAD specialist. This software facilitates the rapid creation, as well as the production of the proposals.

The PTC Creo Elements / Direct Drafting: full 2D CAD

With this PTC I think you can adapt existing plans and create families of plans or parts more easily. It is also possible to visualize complex assembly structures directly in the browser.

The Creo Elements / Direct Drafting PTC allows the parameterization of plans, the specification of design rules and the control of modifications, changing only one dimension. In this way, existing designs can be reused and the entire design process optimized in detail.

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