Mastering is the final process of a music production and also the most complex, as it involves achieving an amateur or professional sound. The purpose of mastering is to be able to make the final adjustments to dynamics, balance and image to perfect the track, creating a master version of the mix. This is prepared for fixation or transmission by different means: CD, MP3 file, radio broadcasting or digital sales.

During mastering, work is done on the fine stereo mix with different equipment such as compressors, limiters, equalisers, etc. The engineering of mastering must be different from that of mixing, and it is advisable to differentiate between the two. It is advisable that two different engineers are in charge of the mixing stage and the mastering stage.

What is mastering for?

First of all, it should be made clear that mastering will not solve a recording or mix that lacks performance. The purpose of mastering is to ensure that the audio will sound as good as possible on any platform. Regardless of the studio where it is recorded, the final touch of quality that mastering provides is required. This ensures that the music will be heard as it was intended, and that all the tracks on an album sound coherent and balanced.

What is a Mastering course?

When finishing music productions, you are likely to notice differences when listening to your own mixes and comparing them with tracks on streaming platforms. Questions then arise such as: Why do my tracks sound fainter? Why do I hear them so differently depending on the speakers, while the professional mixes sound good in any listening? These, among many others, can be solved by taking a mastering course, learning methodically and in depth all the aspects of this specialisation of sound.

Taking a mastering course, such as those offered at the Microfusa school, is a way to obtain the knowledge, techniques and skills for mastering.
the knowledge, techniques and skills to master a musical mix. It is aimed at people familiar with professional production or sound who are looking for specific training in the field of mastering. For this reason, prior familiarisation with the basics of DAWs and/or the recording and mixing studio is desirable.

These courses offer an unbeatable opportunity to delve deeper into the aspects of mastering. It is taught by highly specialised sound technicians in an enjoyable way, in a professional studio environment. It combines both theoretical-technical aspects and practical projects with which to complete the training and apply it immediately to your personal and/or professional projects.

The Microfusa music school offers different types of mastering courses, and all of them are listed on its website, through which you can also book a place.

Estos cursos ofrecen una oportunidad inmejorable para profundizar en los aspectos de la masterización. Está impartido por técnicos de sonido altamente especializados y de forma amena, en un entorno de estudio profesional. Combina tanto aspectos teórico-técnicos como proyectos prácticos con los que completar la formación y aplicarla inmediatamente a tus proyectos personales y/o profesionales.

La escuela de música Microfusa ofrece diferentes tipos de cursos de masterización, y todos ellos aparecen en su  página web, a través  de la cual también se puede reservar plaza.

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