More and more people are hearing about the concept of Social Media Marketing, but are we clear on what exactly it means? Social media marketing refers to a set of tools that, when put into action, open up various communication channels at a digital level. In other words, social media marketing is a 100% digital means of communication, consisting of an authentic arsenal of tools and platforms based on the all-powerful Internet.

As the social media agency Somos Sinapsis knows and puts into practice, this medium has great relevance in business. And is that its ability to share and transfer information as text, images and audio between Internet users, generates many business opportunities. This would be an example of how marketing evolves and adapts to the needs of the consumer

As consumers become a website’s audience, their opinions and influence are so powerful that they can either drive a sales campaign with amazing ease, or on the contrary, end it. At Somos Sinapsis, a social media agency in Barcelona, they explain in more detail what this term is and what they do with companies.

Understanding the social media marketing concept

Simply put, Social Media Marketing means building a business through many different digital media such as blogs or videos. The intention is to give more visibility to a company and to enable various purchasing processes. This has come to be achieved thanks to the enormous participation of society in general in the digital world, becoming part of their daily lives.

Nowadays it is already strange that someone does not form part of some social platform, interacting in it to a greater or lesser degree. This growth in the participation of the online community has turned social networks into a powerful medium which companies take advantage of to obtain new clients or to build up the loyalty of existing ones.

Thus, businesses can approach consumers more easily, get to know them, know what they need or like, and offer it to them. Companies that sell can also get in touch with people who have already become their customers and experienced their products. Social Media Marketing encompasses different tools including audio, video, text, audio pods, and private or public discussion forums. Also SMS, chat, emails, blogs, etc.

One of the advantages of Social Media is that it is a very flexible and constantly evolving medium, which continually generates new content to meet the needs of each moment.

Creating effective strategies

Without clear objectives set, it is difficult to achieve targets. That is why it is advisable to turn to social media marketing professionals so that they can draw up the most suitable strategy for each business. These strategies will go through:

  • Establish achievable goals.
  • Knowing the target audience of the business.
  • Choose the best communication channel or channels.
  • Generate content that matches the preferences of the business audience.
  • Establish the metrics that measure the effectiveness of the strategy.
  • Analyze the constant evolution of the campaigns.

As can be seen, social media marketing encompasses a whole world in which, despite the fact that a large part of society is involved, only professionals know how to take advantage of it to generate business.

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