A fiber boat does not enjoy the same appeal as a sailboat built with other materials such as steel, aluminum or, above all, wood. The fiber is a cold and bland material and the painting of the hull of a fiber boat is not the same as running your hand through a beautiful mahogany plank while you think what varnish you are going to apply.

De todas formas, lo cierto es que es un material magnífico para la construcción de embarcaciones y gracias a él se ha popularizado al náutica.

barco de fibra

The fiber boat: history

To be strictly rigorous, we should call the fiberglass reinforced fiberglass polyester or GRP, in short, plastic.

Fiberglass or GRP began to be used in the nautical industry at the end of the 40’s of the last century. As the “plastic” concept, as now, was associated with the idea of ​​cheap and poor quality, the builders preferred to change it to the “fiberglass ship” concept, which gave it a more interesting air. In the same way, instead of talking about glues, they started talking about epoxy or polyester resins.

Anyway, despite its “bad reputation” there are a few good reasons to opt for this material:

Quantity and offer

Since the mid-twentieth century, fiberglass has been the most used material in the construction of sailboats. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a boat, you will only have all the options to get the one that really suits you if you decide for a fiber boat.

pintura casco barco fibra

Reputation and criteria

Fiberglass allowed the mass production of ships, reducing the cost per unit and popularizing recreational navigation. As a result, there are dozens of some models, even hundreds of units, making them well known among fans. And, therefore, giving them a certain reputation (good or bad) that can help us decide on our purchase.

The simplicity of the fiber

Assessing the corrosion level of a steel ship or the solidity of a wooden sailboat requires important and specific knowledge. On the other hand, determining the good condition of a fiber boat only requires observation capacity.

Easy maintenance

With the pertinent information, some manual skill and the desire and enough time, the owner of a fiberglass boat can perform a multitude of repairs on his own. Something much more complicated with boats of other materials that require passing through a boat dock.

pintura casco barco fibra

Greater longevity

Although they are not indestructible, of course, a fiber boat resists abandonment much better than any metal or wood. Wood elements are less durable, metal elements are always subject to the threat of corrosion and fabrics can tear or rust.

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