The engine of a boat is an essential part, especially if the boat lacks another propulsion system. For this reason, the engine review becomes a priority and being alert to the indicators that show the need to perform it is vital.

The life of a boat’s engine is shorter than that of any other vehicle. The reason is the saltpeter. Corrosive salt accelerates the deterioration of metal parts. And we do not want to stay in the middle of the sea simply because we have not been attentive to the need for an engine review.

That is why, in today’s article, our friends from V de Bravado , the boat dock in Barcelona, tell us about the signs that indicate that our boat needs that engine review.

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To anticipate an engine review, the first thing is to know the engine

Obvious! If we want to be aware of when we have to make a revision to the engine, the first thing is that we know it. The first recommendation is to read the instructions or the engine usage manual. It will provide many useful indications and explain how to verify the alarm indicators.

It is also important to learn to listen and recognize the sound of our engine. We already explain it in this article with advice from the V de Bravado on how to conserve the engine.

It is also important that we get used to the smell of our engine to detect unusual odors. Another important indicator is the vibrations. The vibrations of our boat are also a good alarm signal that we need an engine overhaul.

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Other important indicators

Our friends of V de Bravado, the boathouse in Barcelona, ​​explain other important indicators to consider:

It is vital that we look at possible drips, oil, water or coolant. Locating the source of the drip and stopping it is very important to avoid greater evils. We must look for splashes, salt water puddles and oil or antifreeze stains. For this we must always keep the bilge and the engine bed clean.

On the other hand, before starting it is necessary to verify that the oil pressure alarm sounds and that the indicator needles work correctly. It is also important to check if the gas lever moves correctly or if it appears to be somewhat slowed.

Following these tips we will always be attentive to the need for engine overhaul on our boat. It is a maintenance that we can perform or entrust to the hands of experts like V de Bravado with its Integral Mechanical Services. The boathouse is responsible for periodic maintenance and overhauls, oil changes, filter replacement, water pumps and cooling circuits of main engines and generators.

revision de motor

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