Having a web page mounted is not enough. It must be well made and optimized to adapt to the latest technology. And just like in fashion, in web design and development there are trends.

In the last five years, digital has undergone more technological changes than in the previous 25 years combined. It is a constantly evolving world to which we must constantly adapt. Now, to assess what trends are worth in web design and development, we must take into account:

That the number of users browsing from the mobile has quadrupled and continues to grow.
That the payment by Internet is more secure and is revolutionizing the sector of the online stores.
That customers are more mature on the internet and more demanding with websites.

That is why it is important to be up to date on what is baked in terms of web design and development. It is to renew or to die.




Let’s start our review of the new fashions in web design and development, taking a look at what comes to us regarding design:

Responsive design. Due to the great expansion of the use of mobile devices, a responsive design is essential to obtain good results, with a perfect adaptation of the contents.

Infinite Scroll. In addition, to facilitate the navigation will be established the long sections with much scroll. For mobile users it is much more comfortable.

Hamburger menu. It is also expected that the burger menu will continue to expand and make the jump with desktop adaptations.

Galleries and slideshows. Quickly and easily display many images, using carousels or slideshows, without slowing down the uploads on the web.

Flat design and material design. Currently, these two currents almost face each other. The first one stood out in 2016 for its minimalism and we will see its improvements and evolution in 2017. At the other end, material design seeks to offer a more realistic design, using a homogeneous interface for all devices, with clean and modern web designs more focused on User experience.

Animations. Animations will continue to be used more and more frequently to emphasize content.

Microinteractions and Social Networks. Finally, and in order to further improve the user experience, a greater interaction between web pages and their visitors will be encouraged, based on both microinteraction and better integration between sites and Social Networks.



And we follow our analysis of trends on web design and development for this year with what we find the new trends in development:

Responsive. Visualization on mobile devices has continued to grow at a dizzying pace year after year. This upward trend forces developers to make all pages responsive. Something that, moreover, we can not forget that helps SEO positioning.

Meteor. Continuing with NodeJS, which was very present in the last year, this 2017 will continue with Meteor, an ecosystem based on NodeJS, WebShockets and MongoDB, that allows us to develop web applications efficiently.

Web components. On the other hand, Web components, has become one of the tools most used by front-end developers, thanks to libraries like Google’s Polymer.

XaaS. Cloud Computing will continue to scale positions for the implementation of technological projects, both web pages and more complex applications (CRM, ERP …). The agility and flexibility of deploying the XaaS model is becoming the most efficient way to manage development and production environments that allow you to focus on programming and deployment, but without undertaking system administration tasks.

Modular design. In 2017 it is expected that web pages with a modular design, similar to the one we see in Pinterest, will gain a foothold, allowing users to quickly see a lot of visual information with brief and striking headlines.

New models and ad formats. The profitability of many web pages depends on your ads. With the popularization of numerous effective ad blockers, there is a need to study how to include advertising space on new web pages, which is leading advertisers and companies in the sector to look for new models and ad formats.


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